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Table for Two: Valentine's Day DIY



Kristin Jackson is the interior designer behind The Hunted Interior that hosts tips, DIY attempts and room makeovers. She is also a member of our 2013 Storytelling Creative Team. We look forward to showcasing more of her ideas. These are her images and words.

As Valentine's Day comes around each year, I know that it will be just another night in our household as my husband manages a restaurant. Knowing that we never go out for a romantic meal on the 14th, I have decided to create a Dinner for Two in our home this year. Rather than setting the table we eat off of everyday, I transformed an unexpected area in our living room to make the evening more special.


When pulling the look together, I decided to add a simple tissue tassel garland and bunting created from photos. The Picture in Portrait Greeting Cards are a solution for the personalized bunting. Ideal for hanging, the weight of the cards is just enough to hang properly without being flimsy. The beauty of this idea can be transferred to almost any event. Birthdays, graduations, showers...the possibilities are endless.


One of my favorite things to do is play with patterns. The Picnic Monogram Plates were a great opportunity to incorporate a classic pattern such as the gingham with a modern take on polka dots. The addition of a custom made Valentine reinforced the theme while providing yet another personal touch.


The best thing about the Picnic Monogram Plates was that I had the ability to customize it and leave a special message to be revealed at the end of our meal.