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Kids Photo Books
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Enjoy Small & Big Moments with Kids Photo Books

Save all of your favorite moments of your little one's childhood with a one-of-a-kind kids photo book. Children change and develop so quickly that sometimes it feels like they’re growing up right before your eyes. Don’t miss a moment – take all the photos on your phone and camera, and create a beautiful kids’ photo book to preserve and share your child’s moments. With Shutterfly, you can turn your most cherished moments with your children into a beautifully printed photo album you can treasure forever. Document your child's biggest milestones, their favorite hobbies and activities, and their friendships. Whether you want to highlight one special event like their favorite birthday party or chronicle all of their childhood, there are endless themes and kids photo book ideas to choose from. Share each magical moment with family members and loved ones and make extra copies to gift to grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends who will treasure them as much as you do. No matter how you design your custom photo book, it's the perfect way to save and preserve your kids' early moments forever.

How to Make a Kids Photo Book

To get started on making a custom kids photo book, narrow down the pictures you want to showcase. The best kids or family photo books are customized with fun backgrounds, unique layouts, and captions that document each photo of your son or daughter. Browse through our collection of kids photo album styles and choose the one that perfectly suits your child's personality. Place your snapshots in chronological order so you can watch them grow up as you flip through the pages. Then, add stylish embellishments to your photo book's pages, like balloons, desserts, hearts, or quotes about family. Choose between family photo book cover options, from deluxe layflat pages and softcover albums to make an album that lives on as a special keepsake for years to come. Custom kids photo books are not only great for your own collection but they make great gifts for friends and family for birthdays and holidays. These beautifully printed, high-quality pages will be enjoyed by anyone who flips through them.

Document Special Memories in a Custom Photo Book for Kids

Showcase all of your little one's most memorable moments in a photo book documenting their childhood. To make a personalized kids photo album, organize your pictures from oldest to newest to make sure to include snapshots that chronicle important milestones. Be sure to include all of their best moments — like memorable vacations, sports games, birthday parties, or the first time they rode a bike. You can even include photos from when your young children were babies or toddlers to make a custom baby book. When personalizing your kids photo book, consider writing your favorite memories about each photo as custom captions so you can remember them forever. Custom photo albums are the perfect way to capture your favorite photos from throughout the years, and they make the perfect gift for Father's day or Mother's Day. Photo books of your kids also make great personalized gifts for godparents and grandparents. For something more portable or office-friendly, our glass prints and desktop plaques are wonderful items friends and family can keep on their desks. Shutterfly also has a range of kids gifts like school gear, bedroom decor, dress up clothes, and more that you can personalize to suit their unique personality.