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Blue Luggage Tags

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What customers have to say about our Luggage Tags

January 26, 2019

Sturdy and Cute

"I was expecting a standard plastic tag. This is metal based with a good weight. Definitely should hold up with travel."

January 23, 2019


"I bought my granddaughter her first piece of "real" luggage and attached this customized luggage tag. I chose"LOVE" on the front, as was pictured on the site, but her name, or some other personalized word would have been cute too. A close up of her sweet face and her own name and address on the back made her feel so grown up. She LOVES the tag and I would suggest ordering it for anyone. It's awesome!"

January 22, 2019


"Very nice and attractive for our new luggage!!"

January 22, 2019

Luggage Tag

"these are great quality. They seem to be metal so I think they will hold up well"

January 22, 2019

Really nice

"good quality"

Spot Your Luggage with Blue Luggage Tags

We all know the sinking feeling. You get off a long flight, and you're so ready for your hotel or your home, only the baggage carousel is spinning around for the third time, and you're just not sure which suitcase is yours until it's on the other side of a crowd of people. Hopefully, your travels entail people who don't mind moving to the side, but you can make your life a lot easier with noticeable blue luggage tags. When your luggage is easy to spot, you can enjoy more time in your destination or get home more quickly. 

Customize Luggage Tags for The Whole Family

A brilliant way to get everyone on the same page while traveling is to customize luggage tags for each member of your family. When each of you has the same color tag, it can make it a lot more efficient to get organized. Traveling with lots of people -- or even just a few, if they're under a certain age -- can take some real planning. Luggage tags help get you moving, so young ones stay interested and cheerful, and you or your partner feel energetic, instead of drained from keeping an eye on every little detail. Equip kids with woven photo blankets, too, so they sleep on planes, and you've got one relaxing journey ahead of you. 

Pick a Set of Tags for Business and Fun

It can be a lot of fun to design custom luggage tags with your kids. Before a big trip, let everyone pick out their favorite images from your camera roll or social media. When the kids are part of the process, they'll feel vested in keeping an eye on their luggage, too. You'll still be in charge, but it can be a relief to see them taking responsibility so that you can have fun on the way, too. 

If you do a lot of business travel, it might be more appropriate to design a separate tag for these trips. A darker or striped blue luggage tag is still jaunty and easy to spot but takes on more of a professional tone when colleagues meet you at the airport or greet you at a hotel.

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