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Blue Notebooks

What customers have to say about our Notebooks

January 27, 2019

Wonderful Little Notebook

"I've had one made for almost everyone in the family and some friends. Everyone states their very happy with the product. In fact, my brother told me it was just the right size for him and he was very happy with it. Shutterfly has done fantastic work with everything I've ever purchased from them, and I've been with Shutterfly ever since 2004. Katie"

January 27, 2019


"My notes or diary"

January 26, 2019


"Graduation gift"

January 26, 2019

Loved it!

"Perfect little note taking book."

January 26, 2019

Perfect !

"I ordered this and used a picture of my sonogram to use as a journal throughout my pregnancy. It came out perfect. I love it!"

Use Customized Items to Keep Yourself Motivated

Even if you love work or school, you probably feel overwhelmed from time to time. Unfortunately, responsibilities don’t go away just because you’d prefer a day spent in bed. That means you need to find ways to keep yourself motivated. One way to do so is by creating your own personalized office and school supplies with Shutterfly.

Make a Blue Notebook that's Easy to Identify

Pulling out the same one-subject notebook with the plain cover that everybody else has or opening up your backpack messenger bag to find a notebook with all of your favorite people on it? Whether you choose blue notebooks or have another favorite color, customizing them with pictures of your kids, your pets or your best friend — or all three — will have you excited to start taking notes each day. Some designs, like this Heart Collage Lined Notebook, even have room for multiple pictures if you can’t choose a favorite.

Shutterfly understands that fun, personalized supplies don’t stop at notebooks, either. You can also choose from a wide range of elegant or whimsical notepads to jot down information on the go and a desktop plaque. The Penciled Reminder Notepad is perfect for a teacher who needs to jot off a quick note to parents. You can even find notepads to help you create to-do lists, plan your week’s meals or keep track of your grocery list.

Stay Motivated

Of course, you need to be motivated at home, too. Whether you are bringing home a large work project or you have an essay to write for school, a welcome homework desk or office space will keep you on your toes. Jazz it up with photo cubes, personalized calendars or even candles that create a sense of calm and help you stay relaxed and focused.

That’s all there is to it. Choose your items and upload your pictures, and in a few days, you’ll have awesome supplies that will have you itching to start that new project or head to your next class.

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