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Custom Blue Placemats

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What customers have to say about our Placemats

January 23, 2019

So fun to see our memories as we enjoy a meal!

"I enjoyed making them with our Christmas memories from this year and it's great to keep enjoying our memories as we eat at the table! I LOVE pictures!!! Just be careful if you use your phone that all of your pictures download. I did have a problem with one but, it got fixed."

January 23, 2019


"Love this placemat that I made to use for my grandchild at the table - used lots of pics of her and the family. The only problem was that it was slightly bent when it arrived. Still usable."

January 23, 2019

I really like my placemat!

"It's very well made, durable, color is spot on! I get a lot of compliments."

January 23, 2019

My daughter loved this!


January 22, 2019

Loved it

"Nice placemat, print quality is great!"

Kind of Blue: Personalized Placemats Will Delight Children and Adults

Getting children excited about mealtime can seem like a real challenge. One child may have a fear of vegetables, while another simply refuses to eat anything but dessert first. Parents, however, can take heart. Set the table with custom blue placemats in fun patterns, and watch children willingly give up their games and run to the table.

Fun Characters

Do your children have favorite films? Maybe they love “Toy Story,” or they could be fans of “Frozen.” Now you can tempt them to the table with fun custom disney placemats. They can eat nourishing foods while gazing at Anna and Elsa framing their own images, or they can visualize themselves on wild adventures with Buzz Lightyear. Let their imaginations soar while you nurture them with hot meals.

Star Treatment

Let your children know you think they are special with distinctive placemats. Choose All Star in soft shades of blue and grey or wacky Food Finds to put smiles on your children’s faces and keep them in their mealtime places.

Family Photographs

Blue placemats that display galleries of beloved family photos are delightful to both children and adults. Whether you choose an elegant design or a more casual pattern, everyone can look forward to mealtimes when they know their favorite images will greet them. The pleasant tones of blue will blend with any décor, and blue promotes a soft, soothing atmosphere that is perfect for setting the right tone for dining.

Presentation is Everything

You can make mealtimes even more special and fun by picking up the placemats between meals. Another way to draw children to the table is to make a fuss about bringing out the placemats. They can also make it pleasant for children to accept the responsibility of setting the table.

Custom blue and orange placemats with fun characters, personalized designs and much-loved images are great ways to coax children to the dining table and keep them there in good spirits. Meals can be special family times filled with openness and pleasure, and fun placemats can be a part of this loving ritual.