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Color-Changing Photo Mugs

What customers have to say about our Mugs

January 27, 2019

Wonder Gift

"I purchased 2 mugs with pictures of my granddaughter and her best friends. They opened at Christmas. They were both so surprised and happy. FUN GIFT!"

January 27, 2019

Love it!!

"Love my coffe mug"

January 26, 2019

Perfect thank you gift

"We made a large coffee featuring a photo of us wearing a hand knitted gift and sent it to the friend who knitted our nose warmers. Delivered to US in less than a week. Double the Facebook posts and fun."

January 26, 2019


"Love these mugs!"

January 26, 2019

Once again, I am satisfied with the quality

"The image was perfect on the mug. Job very well done"

Color-Changing Photo Mugs Feel Like Magic Cups

Color-changing mugs make incredible personalized gifts for friends and family. What seems like an ordinary black mug holds a delightful surprise when you fill it with a hot beverage. Shutterfly’s collection of custom color-changing photo mugs react to heat, revealing colorful designs and your lovingly selected photos when exposed to an increase in temperature. Custom mugs made with your favorite photos are the perfect gift for any occasion, and they’ll add a unique touch to your mug collection. These color-color changing mugs will surprise kids and are a great way to make your little ones smile. The mug is microwave safe, so there are a variety of ways you can heat up your drink.

Color-Changing Photo Mugs Make Fun Gifts

Color-changing photo mugs have all the features of a perfect personalized gift. The cup itself is a practical item that can be used all the time, especially if you’re giving it a regular coffee or tea drinker. The custom photos and design make the color-changing mug an especially thoughtful gift since you can cover the mug in memories you know they’ll love. And the photo mug’s ability to change colors gives it a fun touch that can surprise and delight friends, family, and loved ones of all ages. Custom mugs add the perfect personal touch to your desk at work or in your kitchen as part of your mug collection. 

Showcase More with Multi Photo Color-Changing Mugs

With Shutterfly’s wide selection of multi-photo color changing mug designs, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one or two pictures — you have the power to fill your cup with double or triple that number. Our mug layouts are suited for numerous combinations of landscape, portrait, and square photos, so if there are specific images you love, there’s a design that fits. If you find yourself wanting even more pictures, you have the option to upload your own design. Include a special message, your monogram, or a funny caption to your personalized mug to make it one-of-a-kind and uniquely yours. The possibilities are endless with how you can customize your custom mug, and the color-changing design makes it even more special. 

Personalized Multi Photo Color-Changing Mugs

The ability to customize your very own multi-photo color-changing mug makes this product extra special. You can personalize your coffee mug to commemorate a special event or milestone by including photos from a wedding, graduation, vacation, or other notable occasions. You can celebrate someone special in your life by curating your favorite pictures of them. Or you can hash together all of your favorite things — hobbies, pets, places, people, colors, and more, have a place on your personalized multi photo color-changing mug. Showcase more photos on custom drinkware and tableware that complements your photo mug. From custom barware and water bottles to unique plates and placemats, these home decor items make the perfect photo gifts for any occasion.

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