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Bookmarks for Kids

What customers have to say about our Bookmarks

August 24, 2018

Nice quality, a bit short

"I took advantage of a recent sale and picked up one of these bookmarks as a gift for my sister. I really like how customizable they are. 1, 2 or 3 photo options, plus your being able to chose the background. There are a decent amount of backgrounds, but hopefully in time, there will be more options. In person, the bookmark seems fairly short but of a decent quality. The dimensions (which you have to click to find) are 5" long. If they were 6, I think that would be little more reasonable, but as it is, seem somewhat overpriced for what you are getting. Also, the shipping on one bookmark on top of the price will make them closer to 10-13 dollars per 5" bookmark. They are metal, so they should last with a lot of use and be able to take some abuse. The picture quality is alright, but if you chose the 3 picture option like I did, prepare for very tiny, 1" tall photos. I'm not displeased with the bookmark, but I'm very glad I was able to take advantage of a sale rather than paying full price as I would be disappointed paying over $10 for this."

November 29, 2017

Small Picture

"The bookmark is nice, I wouldn't buy it if I didn't have a free promo code. It makes you use two pictures, but those pictures are very small. In person, the pictures are almost microscopic (about 1 inch by 1 inch). It is a thin metal material so should hold up nice, a thinner metal than ornaments. Overall, okay but not overly impressed."