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Glass Magnets

What customers have to say about our Glass Magnets

January 13, 2015

Glass Magnets

"These glass photo magnets are beautiful--I love the way they look very heavy glass nice look to the photos. The problem--the glass (which includes the photo) separates from the magnet VERY easily! We have them hanging on our refrigerator--2 of the glass pieces have fallen off of the magnet (leaving the magnet on the refrigerator and the glass on the floor). Luckily the glass is thick so it didn't shatter but there were some visible flaws in the glass once it hit our tile floor. I was able to stick the glass back onto the magnet but not sure how long it will hold. I may have to use some super-glue to attach it permanently but I haven't tried this yet (I'm not sure if it would bleed through to the photo). I suspect that the glass is so heavy that it's too much for the adhesive they use. Credit to Shutterfly--when I wrote to complain about the problem (the first one that fell of caused slight imperfections in the glass) they shipped me another complete set free with expedited shipping--great customer service! Hopefully they will improve the adhesive and then this will get 5 stars from me!"

September 13, 2015

Love Glass Magnets!

"Just moved into my own apartment this summer. The space is small inside a home around a hundred years old. I'm personalizing and warming up my rooms with photo products on Shutterfly. I love my first set of 3 glass magnets featuring photos of my dog. The glass magnets are beautiful and strong."

April 27, 2017

A must for your fridge!

"Love how the pictures shine through the glass."

February 13, 2015

glass magents

"I just received these a few days ago so I can not say how durable they are but they definitely look great! I love how they look and hope they last a long time!"

January 30, 2015

3 Glass Magnets

"Excellent quality. Originally I thought the pictures would be too small / hard to tell what was on the magnet and easily breakable. I was wrong. The magnets are sturdy the pictures are clear and the colors crisp. They make a great gift!"

Create a Custom Glass Magnet Set

The refrigerator has always been the best place to display your favorite memories, the kids’ artwork and A+ spelling tests. Don’t just hang those prized papers and pictures up with everyday magnets; Shutterfly is here to help you design custom magnets and photo magnets to give your important papers and pictures the presentation they deserve.

Designing Your Personalized Magnets

Shutterfly has 20 different ways to create magnets that truly stand out. Whether you want to feature a few of your favorite photographs or design accent elements to match your personality, there is a template for you. Shutterfly always has the easiest to use templates for every project.

Once you pick the one you like best, it is easy to upload pictures that you love and plug them into the design assistant. You can add your favorite design elements – many have the option of inserting custom messaging. Choose your favorite fonts and colors for a magnet set that is as unique as you.

A magnet set is a distinctive, personalized gift for a loved one that will bring a smile to their face every single day. Designing a set of custom magnets is so simple, your kids will enjoy creating sets to give to grandparents, teachers and their friends. Give magnets or photo magnets as gifts to your loved ones or yourself. Cover your fridge with favorite faces or create a set to take to work to help you get through the week.

Personalized Gifts Make the Best Gifts

Gift giving should be fun. Shutterfly has plenty of ways to give unique and thoughtful gifts that the people you love will use every day. In today’s busy life, it seems we are always bringing a bunch of stuff from one activity to the next. A custom canvas tote is a perfect gift that your loved one can use time and time again. Shutterfly has the perfect design and color combination to design a tote your friend or family member will truly love.

Another thing we use every single day is our smartphones. Give your loved one (or yourself) the gift of a personalized iPhone case. Shutterfly has hundreds of design options to match nearly every version of the iPhone (be sure to check and double check which particular phone you are designing a case).

Shutterfly has everything you need to create custom, one-of-a-kind gifts. A set of personalized photo magnets is the best gift for any occasion. Shutterfly is here to help you create and give thoughtful personalized gifts.

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