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Green iPhone 6 cases

What customers have to say about our Custom iPhone Cases

July 9, 2018

An amazing way of displaying my families pictures!!

"I am so pleased with the phone case that I ordered. It looks awesome and I'm so happy to keep pictures of my family out for display all the time!! The quality is just great and I'm very pleased with the outcome! The pictures are bright and have vibrant color!"

July 9, 2018

Beautiful and sturdy

"These phone cases are really expensive, so I hadn't bought one in the past, but I happened to catch a promo by email for a free case (just the slim case, so I paid the difference for an upgrade to include the liner). It turned out amazing! So beautiful. And I actually trust this case to protect my phone when (not if) I drop it (or my toddler does). I think it's probably worth the regular price now that I've seen one myself and have actually used it for a couple of weeks. I will definitely order a new one for myself if I need a replacement, and I plan to order one for my husband, too. These would make great gifts for family and friends."

July 9, 2018

shutterfly products are great! Will order again.

"Love the phone covers, notepads, books, and bags. Coasters do not hold up."

July 9, 2018

iPhone cases are awesome!

"I have ordered several of these personalized phone cases. Each one came out perfectly! The gift receivers have all been thrilled after seeing them. Thank you Shutterfly for giving these away free with the Shutterfly app. It makes it easier to give quality gifts and it's affordable because I pay only for shipping."

July 9, 2018

Perfect Phone Case

"This is the fourth phone case I've ordered from Shutterfly and I love this one as much as the others. The photo quality is good and it fits my iPhone 8 perfectly."

Green iPhone 6 cases

Why Get an iPhone Case?

You just dropped several hundred dollars on a brand new iPhone. Good for you. Now what? Well, have you considered exactly what it is that you are now toting around in your purse or pocket? If you think it’s only a phone, you’re wrong. Rather, it’s a personal computer designed to help keep you connected with everything that’s important in your life, from your work schedule and your finances to your most treasured personal relationships. Now that you understand this, doesn’t the need to have a quality iPhone protective case seem pretty clear?

Understanding the Benefits a Protective Case Offers

Wait a minute: you didn’t choose to get a case? Think you’re responsible enough with your belongings to not need one, do you? Well, you may believe that now, but just consider the many reason why having a protective covering on your phone makes sense, and you may end up changing your tune:

  • Cases protect against the dangers of daily use: Think about how many times you pull your iPhone out of your pocket or purse every day. Each time, it’s subject to dents and scratches from keys, zippers, and even your fingernails.
  • It protects you if you opt not to go with replacement insurance: While paying for replacement insurance makes sense, so may view it as another extra expense that’s unnecessary if you try and take good care of your phone. A case keeps you phone from sustaining the kind of damage that can lead to the need for a replacement.
  • Buying a case is cheaper than replacing your phone: Sure an extra $50 may seem like a lot right now, but it’s peanuts compared to the $650 you’d have to come up with buy a replacement phone. Plus, that $50 can get you colorful, red, blue and green iPhone cases that let you accent your phone with a little bit of your personality.

With as reliant as you are on all of your smart devices, why risk shortening their operating lives by subjecting them to unnecessary damage? With so many different custom blue iPhone 6 cases and other digital device protective equipment to choose from, ensuring the safety of your stuff is simple. The extra investment that you make today could save you countless dollars in replacement costs tomorrow.