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Custom iPhone 5 Cases

What customers have to say about our Custom iPhone Cases

May 20, 2018

Beautiful case!

"Bought this for my mom for Mother's Day. It turned out gorgeous!"

May 20, 2018

I always love these phone cases!

"The cases are well made and I appreciate seeing my little ones every time i pick up the phone. I have purchased at least 6 of these for me or my family and they hold up well -even with falls! I highly recommend them."

May 20, 2018

I love it -If I waited a week, I would have got it for free!

"I got 40% off the phone case, but if I waited a week, I would have got it for free with the ROYAL code. So that sucks. But, the case overall is AWESOME, I got the silicone inner sleeve thing. The pictures are clear and the background is beautiful - the pictures look so good, when people look at it, they swipe to make the photo bigger! ha ha.. It's gorgeous. I am pleased with the quality and durability. This is the 2nd phone case I got from shutterfly - my last phone, the case lasted many drops and falls - the case outlasted the phone!!!! I love that it can be personally personalized :) It looks amazing and I get lots of compliments."

May 20, 2018

My third case with liner

"I drop my phone...a lot, and from varying heights and speeds. With this case, the screen has never cracked. It's a tough case but even better is how good it looks! This is my third one of these cases and I just love them. I personalize them with pictures I've taken of my kids, and I get so many compliments. I also buy them for the grandparents who love them too! I will continue to buy these cases!"

May 20, 2018

I would but this product again.

"I got it for my mother and she loved it."

Custom iPhone 5 Cases

If you have an iPhone 5, you might feel a little behind the times, but there's no reason to be ashamed of your phone! Just because you don't have the newest iPhone at all times doesn't mean owning your phone has to be an unpleasant experience. Now you can create completely custom and unique cases to fashionably protect your device. This can be accomplished within minutes when you use Shutterfly.

Increased Protection

Having a phone case means protecting your phone from harm's way. Scratches, dents, and cracked screens are the worst fears of any iPhone user. Our custom slim iPhone 5 cases are made from flexible and durable materials to maximize comfort and protection. You can decide between a slim case for comfort and a case with a silicone liner for extra protection.

Show Off Your Creativity

Creating a custom iPhone 5 case with Shutterfly gives you a variety of options. From your favorite photos, quotes, or song lyrics to eye-popping design patterns, you can create a completely unique case within minutes. If you're going to get a case, why not make one that's personalized to your unique style?

Great Gifts

Maybe you know someone who has an iPhone 5 too. Perhaps they have a birthday coming up or you want to surprise them with a special gift. Why not make a phone case for them? You could make a collage that showcases beloved memories of your friendship together. Every time they look at their phone they'll remember what a special friend you are.

Why not pair your custom iPhone case with a matching portable charger? You can customize the removable faceplates to match whatever design you choose to go with for your case. This is a great way to remain practical and charge your phone on the go–in style!

Get started on customizing your own purple iPhone 5 SE case. It's fun and easy with personalized photo gifts from Shutterfly.