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Modern Journals

What customers have to say about our Journals

January 26, 2019

Delightful personal journal

"Love that I can personalize my journal. Easy and beautfiful!"

January 25, 2019

I love this journal,better then I even thought it would be!

"Great! I love my journal!"

January 21, 2019

Will definitely order more

"I ordered this to use as a grateful journal. It's the perfect size and turned out even better than I was expecting."

January 8, 2019

Perfect Gift

"Got this for my friend on Christmas holidays. It arrived really fast and my friend was happy to reciveve such a beautiful gift."

January 3, 2019

Purchased as a gift

"The recipient loved it!"

Write Your Thoughts in Modern Journals

Discover the power of journals with customized, modern journals that reflect who you are and what you can do with life. Even if you've never thought about keeping a journal, dedicating time for reflection or gratitude can be an amazing way to start or wind down a day. Keep yours handy at a desk or in a big purse, too, so that when thoughts flit through your mind, you can keep them for later or help solidify them. Even though free-writing has been a treasured technique for a long time, your blue journal can be thoroughly modern when you customize it with photos of you and your loved ones during special moments.

Remembering the Good Times with Your Journal

You'll quickly start to look forward to your daily time with your journal. Soon, it will become a beloved ritual. Add photos of the ones you love or scenery that makes you happy to the cover of your journal. It reinforces the positivity of your habit. Select one big cinematic photo, like a kiss from your wedding day or your friends, gathered around you at your birthday party, or grace your cover with a collage of your kids at their best moments. Then, when you need to write out a mood or settle into a feeling of gratitude, the faces you love will help carry the moment in your writing.

Journals Enhance Your Life

Not everyone feels like a writer, but journaling lets you go past limiting ideas of yourself. You don't ever have to show anyone the contents of your journal. In a world of daily sharing on social media, journals can be kept private, just like the diaries or notebooks you kept as a kid. Let yourself look for patterns in your emotions or ideas. See where your strengths are. You've probably got some hidden ones, and when you read your writing, you'll see how much you do for others or how long you've wanted something. This new awareness can spur you to act so that your life is greatly enhanced.

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