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Large Notebooks

What customers have to say about our Notebooks

January 27, 2019

Wonderful Little Notebook

"I've had one made for almost everyone in the family and some friends. Everyone states their very happy with the product. In fact, my brother told me it was just the right size for him and he was very happy with it. Shutterfly has done fantastic work with everything I've ever purchased from them, and I've been with Shutterfly ever since 2004. Katie"

January 27, 2019


"My notes or diary"

January 26, 2019


"Graduation gift"

January 26, 2019

Loved it!

"Perfect little note taking book."

January 26, 2019

Perfect !

"I ordered this and used a picture of my sonogram to use as a journal throughout my pregnancy. It came out perfect. I love it!"

Encourage an Artist with Large Notebooks and Other Custom Supplies

Creative talent is a unique gift that develops in everyone differently. For some, it comes as an urge to keep on writing no matter what happens, and a constant flow of ideas or things to say. For others, it stems from an urge to compose in color or to document the world from a unique point of view with a camera. Encouraging creative talent means supplying artists with the tools they need, from large notebooks to sketch pads, journals, and the means to show their work. That’s where Shutterfly comes in, with the perfect gifts for anyone with an artistic bend, whether they are friends or family.

Custom Notebooks and Journals

For writers and artists in your life, custom notebooks and journals provide you with a way to show your support tangibly by adding an image or a custom message that helps them remember they are supported. No matter if you give the gift as a graduation present, a birthday gift, or simply as a way of encouraging them to keep going, supplies that hold messages of encouragement are good for any young artist. For other useful supplies, check out the selection of office gifts and see how you can add on calendars, mouse pads, or even paperweights to help them organize their work spaces while being productive.

Perfect for Summer Vacation

Large notebooks also make great resources for your summer getaways because they give you the space you need to organize your thoughts and document your trip easily while you are out and about. Order your favorite design for yourself before taking off for a season of traveling, and keep track of your sightseeing, your impressions, and even your commitments to meet up with other travelers in the evening easily. Notebooks work just as well for your own musings and doodles as for anyone else’s, so there’s no reason the artist you encourage shouldn’t be yourself.