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January 22, 2019

I would buy this product again.

"I sent two of these as a couple gift for an Anniversary gift. They loved it."

January 22, 2019

I would buy this product again!

"I love this plate! My daughter wanted a plate of her own! I put her 5th grade fall picture on it! Looks awesome! I will definitely buy from this company again! Great quality items!!"

January 22, 2019

great value

"very good quality."

January 22, 2019

Love it!

"I've purchased two of these for my son and he loves having his pictures on his plate. One of them we've had over a year and regularly washed in the top rack of the dishwasher and it is still in great condition. Highly recommend!"

January 18, 2019

yes I would get this again

"Yes I love the plate I have used it and it was great and I've cleaned it and it's perfect the pictures are still on it"

Personalized Kids Plates

Everybody needs to eat, but what kid wants to eat from boring white dinner plates? For any occasion, personalize a one-of-a-kind kids plate to bring style an smiles to the dinner table. You can customize a fun, unique plate to add pizzazz to any occasion, including these ideas:

  • Choose from a variety of plate designs, including birthday themes that are perfect for serving up cake and ice cream on your little one’s upcoming birthday.
  • Special meals. If your family has a special tradition, like chocolate-chip pancake Sundays or pizza night once a week, a personalized plate makes it even more fun. Create a custom plate for each of the kids (and even the adults, too!) to give them something else to look forward to.
  • Every day. Make every dinner a special one with a personalized plate featuring your kid’s name, photo or favorite things.

More Ways to Make Mealtime Fun

Looking for more ideas to bring the fun and excitement to dinnertime? Whether your kid is a picky eater or has trouble putting down their toys to come to the table, here are a few tips for making mealtime a good time for everyone:

  • Complete the set. Personalized plates aren’t the only way to make dinnertime special. Find coordinating designs and create customized cups, placemats, mugs and more for little ones and big kids alike. Any kid is sure to feel special with a full set of personalized tableware made just for them.
  • Bring the fun to school. Mealtime fun doesn’t have to stop at the dinner table. Help your kiddo have an enjoyable lunch at school, daycare and more with personalized kids’ lunch boxes.
  • Make it a surprise. Create a few different personalized plates for your child so they’ll be surprised every day. A different design for every day of the week is a fun idea (plus, it reinforces the routine of dinnertime, so it’s a win-win for the whole family).
  • Give them a choice. Every kid loves the opportunity to choose what they want to do, where they want to go, what they want to eat and drink… So satisfy your little one and get dinner off to a happy start by letting him or her choose a plate every evening.
  • Keep it interactive. Whether you’ve chosen a racetrack plate design or an animal-themed one, make serving dinner an interactive experience. Incorporate counting, color sorting, racing games, spelling and more to bring a little more joy to the dinner table.

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