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Pink Journals

What customers have to say about our Journals

May 18, 2018

Loved it!!!

"Created a personalized journal for my mother for Mother's Day with pictures of my grandmother on it and she ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! The pictures on the front and back were clear and the personalized writing was easily visible. So glad I was able to make such a memorable and beautiful gift!"

May 13, 2018

Good quality

"I bought this as a mother's day present so I didn't open the plastic wrap it came in. But I was pleased with how well the pictures and writing turned out on the cover."

May 11, 2018

Gallery of Six Journal for Friend

"This turned out beautiful. Loved the fact I could put my friend's name on the spine of the journal. She loved it and my pictures on the front and back. She has liver cancer and cancer near heart. Thought she could use this to journal during her day long chemo treatments. My friends that were all together to give her gifts loved it and asked a lot of questions about Shutterfly. I volunteered to help one of them do some picture books. I love Shutterfly, never disappointed."

May 10, 2018


"Nice, sturdy journal and the pictures on it turned out great."

April 30, 2018

Definitely would by again.

"I'm going to use this to journal our RV trips in. Pictures can say a lot but words are better."

Preserve Memories in Written Word and Photos

What a wonderful thing it is to print journals with Shutterfly. Journals are gifts that keep on giving. They can offer a private space for one's thoughts to flow out safely. Journaling itself is a beautiful practice that helps to put the mind at ease, preserve memories. Make journals more inspiring by adding photography to journals with Shutterfly.

The photos you select can be of loved ones, places, or just simple images that mean something. Pink journals from Shutterfly can become sacred objects, holding memories in time, inside and out.

Pink Journals for Love and Creativity

Show a loved one your affection by giving them a photo-printed pink journal. This little gesture will make them smile, and it'll get their creative juices flowing. When you create a pink-bound journal, you add eye-catching and inspiring color.

Pink is lovely because it evokes feelings of love and compassion. It also brings up creative impulses. This is a positive feature, especially when you're designing journals for yourself and others.

Collage Photos to Tell a Story

Shutterfly offers a variety of templates that allow you to create photo collages on the cover of your pink journal. You can make a statement with a single-photo cover, or bring a few images together to give your gift the flair it needs.

Tell a story with a series of photos that link together. Or add tone and texture with a more abstract shot. As the creator of your journal, and the photographer of your world, you have control over your design.

For creativity-based journals, a collage of photos can give your pink journal creation an inspiration-board feel. Choose images that might inspire their creative work. These photos can be more abstract, so you can have fun choosing cool shots for this pink journal project.

Journals Are Perfect for Everyday Gifting

Print a few journals with Shutterfly to test out their quality, then keep these on hand for everyday gifting. Journals, latte mugs, key chains, and beer steins make excellent gifts for just about anybody, so choose some snaps from your camera roll to get started.