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Pink iPhone 6s Case

What customers have to say about our Custom iPhone Cases

September 13, 2018

I would buy this product again.

"These photo skins are not the most protective cases around by far. However, with the incredibly beautiful art that I included as a picture basis for this case; it's absolutely unique, gorgeous and my daughter loves it!"

September 13, 2018

I would buy this product again.

"My daughter loved this handy little phone skin. It doesn't do much for protection but it is a nice-looking, personalized iPhone cover."

September 12, 2018


"The phone case by far beat my expectations. I wasn't sure how it would turn out but I am in love with it! I show it off any chance I get. Nothing I would change."

August 30, 2018

Great Looking Product

"Awesome Product and worth every penny, delivered fast, and looks amazing!"

August 30, 2018

Buy the case with the liner!

"I keep seeing negative reviews, and those are coming from people who bought the slim case, not the case with the liner. Yes, the slim case is more fragile and offers less protection. The case with the liner, however, is excellent: easy to put on, easy to take back off when you want a change, and it protects well. My college daughter is prone to dropping her phone and won't use a case without a liner because she's struggled too many times to remove one without it. It's worth the extra cost to get the case the way that it was meant to be. My daughter is enjoying her second case with liner, not that she's worn out or broken the first one, but that she wanted a design with her name added to her photo."

Give Parents and Grandparents Easy Bragging Rights

Make it easy for parents and grandparents to brag about your kids with a cell phone case that puts your children front and center. They won’t have to sort through dozens of photos to find that one special pick when it’s on their pink iPhone 6s case. It’s already on display, so they can skip the search and start right in on the bragging.

Design Ideas

You supply the photos and we help you create a one-of-a-kind phone case. Use one photo to cover the case and add a colored banner at the bottom with the names of the children. Try a larger group photo at the top with two smaller pictures at the bottom, or make them “stars” with a film strip that serves as a frame for each little face. Add prints, geometric designs and more; we offer a variety of templates you can utilize. If you desire a gift for mom or grandma, a personalized case makes a unique present.

Make Safety Personal

Is it time to give your son or daughter a cell phone? For many parents, phones are a tool to help their children stay safe. They also give parents a means of staying in touch with their kids. When they’re ready, choose something special, such as a pink iPhone 6s case. Add friends, family or inspirational sayings to remind children of their goals. If your child is into sports, music or another activity, you can incorporate those themes with their school colors. Adding his or her name is another way to make it personal, and can help them easily identify and recover it if they leave it at school or anywhere else.

For an extra touch, consider adding a cell phone charger to the package, personalized, of course, to match or complement the case. Portable chargers make a practical gift for busy teens who forget to recharge phones at night.