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What customers have to say about our Puzzles

April 18, 2018

I patted myself on the back for the birthday gift idea...

"And Shutterfly made it possible to turn the thought into something tangible! And well done I might add!"

April 18, 2018

I have purchased before and will purchase again...

"A great gift of a memorable or special photo. A fun gift to give!"

April 17, 2018

Prefect Flat Stanley Project

"It was perfect to have a class of first graders check out the puzzle and do it together to see the results. The kids enjoyed it very much."

April 17, 2018

Turned out so cute

"My granddaughter will cherish this puzzle and memory forever."

April 17, 2018


"The picture is great! Was purchased as a gift for my father who was thrilled to have a puzzle of his family. Although the number of pieces (252) does not seem that much. The pieces are small and the puzzle was more difficult that originally I thought it would be."

Give the Gift of a Personalized Puzzle

Whether you’re searching for a gift that’s made with love or you like to bring family and friends together to solve a challenge, a personalized puzzle ticks every gift-giving box. Unique, fun and entertaining, you can choose your favorite memory and make it larger than life by creating a gift that keeps giving year-round.

Plan for an Active Occasion

Perfect for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving and more, a personalized puzzle is both interactive and collaborative. While friends and family members sit ‘round the table enjoying each other’s company, you can relish knowing you’ve created a gift that’s memorable, enjoyable and irreplaceable. Design your puzzle with one photo or more than four; choose an iconic color and a theme that goes along with it. Set your sights on an easy challenge with 60 pieces or an all-nighter with 252. Made for the critical thinker in your life, a personalized puzzle isn’t just a gift they’ll use one time, but time and time again.

A Pastime Children will Love

If you’re a puzzled gift-giver, fret no more. Fit for children over three, a personalized puzzle will keep them busy, keep them challenged and keep them entertained. We offer a variety of free Art Library images that will fit your child’s personality. Customize your puzzle with an enlarged photo of a friendly dinosaur, a Disney princess or their beloved furry friend. There’s no shortage of inspiration with our personalized puzzles, so be sure to let your creativity flow.

Additional Gaming Gifts

Love the puzzle idea? If so, our matching card game will test their memorization skills and help them develop a lasting appreciation for memory games. Be sure to check out our personalized playing cards as well if you’re looking for a gift that’ll keep family and friends entertained for hours.