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360p (Web quality) $3.99
480p (TV quality) $4.99
720p (HD quality) $9.99
NEW Easily turn your favorite pictures and clips into a video with music that will make friends and family feel like they were there. Perfect for sharing moments big and small.
Make your own Videogram in three easy steps
  1. Add photos/video clips
  2. Select a style/theme
  3. Choose a soundtrack
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Videogram 3.7 5 14 14
videogram I've done 2 successful videograms but even those were a struggle getting photos uploaded in the same order I entered them and once I did all that, there was a message that said "An error occurred trying to send message. Please try later." GRRRR. This program hasn't been without its hiccups. Surely there are easier ways to move pictures around then "before" and "after" and trying to figure out why an error occurred. Frustrating. August 14, 2014
Great video - had them in tears My sisters and I made a videogram for our dad and our husbands for fathers' day. It was great! We had tears as the family watch the video. We also did one for our parents 60th wedding anniversary. Everyone loved it! Played it over and over. August 6, 2014
Disappointed I created one of these to show at the end of the year for a classroom success night. Unfortunately after loading 300 plus photos in and assuming they would all show in the slideshow I was extremely disappointed to see that the final product only had 40 photos and only lasted as long as the song I chose. I'm wondering why the songs cant keep playing and all the photos shown. The program could've warned me before purchasing that all my photos wouldn't play. May 21, 2014
Videogram I would prefer Videogram because it has great effects, but without my music it is not the same. :( April 10, 2014
LOVED this Videogram I'm not usually one for writing reviews, but I enjoyed this product/service so much I felt like I should let someone know. I wanted to make a little video for our family to show some highlights of our year. I chose the "rustic" style and used the instrumental song "Catch Me Jumping." Then I entered a few pictures and videos, pressed the "preview" button and basically started to tear up immediately. It was beautiful! The videogram service was ridiculously easy to use and I ended up with a great product. I will DEFINITELY order more videograms. Little warning- You do NOT get a DVD with this product. You will just get a file to download. It's very simple to make as many copies as you want. December 31, 2013
Great Value While it's true the product is limited in some ways, for the price it is an excellent value. Extremely simple to use. November 12, 2013
Good product, but I want to make changes. I love this idea! I used my wedding pictures to make this & it turned out great!! What I didn't see was that if I had more pictures than the length of the music, the music wouldn't replay, it would just cut my pictures off. Does anyone know how to make changes and change the song after the purchase has been made? Thank you! October 10, 2013
Excellent Product ! These are great and very easy to make once you've done one. Cons: Not enough abilities to edit videos. Can not add own music. Pros: Fast (under 15 min), Can highlight specific photos so they stay on screen longer, can easily change order or photos, can download to your computer's harddrive and then save on flashdrives for your kids to access when they are older, can save download to CDs or Flashdrives and send to relatives/friends, can email link to your friends (I don't give shutterfly their email adds, I have shutterfly send it to myself and then just copy the link and send to people so shutterfly does not get their email adds), can imbed in power point presentations. We don't do facebook, but guessing could post on your page there as well. For each trip we make a small 8x8 photo book and videogram then get a copy of each for our kids and put them in boxes to give them when adults. We both work and have young kids so time is premium. The whole process, videogram and photobook can both easily be done in less than one hour (depending on how many photos one uploads). August 28, 2013
didnt realize.. i am a little dissapointed about the videogram. i thought that we get a cd with the video on it, but once i re read the info after purchasae its just an online sharing video. we live far from our families and most dont have emails, facebook etc as they are older. so unfortunately now they wont be able to view the videogram that we purchased after all, which was the reason we got it in the first place :0/ if anyone know how i could burn the video to my computer and then on to a disk please let me know!!! January 24, 2013
awesome I have been using Shutterfly for a long time. I just made my first videogram. So much fun and easy to make. I will find another occasion to make one soon. thank you Shutterfly! December 24, 2012
A MUST HAVE! I've ordered two Videograms. You get them within minutes to your email account. I was amazed at the high quality. We watched them on our HD TV and the images and sound were perfect. This was a great Father's Day Gift. Now I'm ordering one for my daughter's first birthday. I also have it saved on my phone. My daughter loves to watch the videos. All the pictures and sound seem to relax her. Very affortable too. December 20, 2012
Best way to share photos! I'm so glad Shutterfly offers this feature now! It makes sharing your photos so much more fun, and the videogram quality is awesome! Everyone who has seen our videogram has been wowed by it. Try it!! December 1, 2012
Pics not in focus The video doesn't completely stop on each photo so they look blurry. I had a lot of photos in the video so it was fast, but it did not come to focus on some of the pictures. I was disappointed when I saw it October 16, 2012
Videogram Videogram was easy to do and a great way to share photos with friends and family. I loved making the Videogram! August 15, 2012
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