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White Paper Weight

What customers have to say about our Paperweights

January 15, 2019

I will buy this product again.

"I bought it for my sister & brother in law when they had to put their dog down. They loved it!"

January 10, 2019

Would buy this product again.

"I purchased this gift for my new daughter-in-law. The product was exactly what I expected from Shutterfly. Also, I loved the box it came in."

January 4, 2019

Excellent buy!

"Purchased the heart shaped paper weight and was thrilled. I thought it would be smaller than it was. It actually brought family members to tears. Yes, I would buy another and another. A beautiful gift."

December 28, 2018


"So happy with how this came out! Makes a wonderful gift!"

December 28, 2018

Cute item for someone special.

"I gave this paper weight to my dog walker with a picture of my pups. She loved it."

Decorate Your Desk With a Personalized Paper Weight

From spreadsheets of last quarter’s earnings to advertisements about the sale happening in your favorite home furnishing store, your desk gets filled with all kinds of papers. Keep them all in place with a white paper weight bearing a beautiful image from the family trip you took to Colorado last year or the time your daughter won first prize at the regional piano competition.

Find white paper weights featuring inspiring phrases, and customize one to reflect what matters to you. Transform your desk from disorganized to delightful. Also, consider purchasing a heart-shaped paper weight as a gift for a loved one. This glass item has an indented shape that allows the recipient to put things on the side facing up, such as a spare set of car keys or some stray paper clips.

Consider Using a Calendar and Staying Aware of Deadlines

After compiling all the loose papers and stacking them under a paper weight, think about continuing the targeted office organization effort and investing in an appealing desk calendar. Explore options made from heavy cardstock for excellent durability and that include handy built-in easels for simpler viewing. Set a calendar in the corner of your desk and glance over at it whenever you need to verify the date or recall how many days remain until a can’t-miss obligation.

Get Energized While Sipping a Steaming, Energizing Beverage

Enjoy a flavorful cup of coffee or pungent herbal tea before stepping into your office? Start the day by treating yourself and order a stainless steel travel mug. Customize it with an uplifting snapshot taken when you reached the top of a steep trail a couple of hours from your home or the picture your spouse took of you after you got news of a recent workplace promotion.

Shutterfly has thoughtful products that make your office a more inviting space. Discover creative ideas today.

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