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Custom White Placemats

What customers have to say about our Placemats

January 23, 2019

So fun to see our memories as we enjoy a meal!

"I enjoyed making them with our Christmas memories from this year and it's great to keep enjoying our memories as we eat at the table! I LOVE pictures!!! Just be careful if you use your phone that all of your pictures download. I did have a problem with one but, it got fixed."

January 23, 2019


"Love this placemat that I made to use for my grandchild at the table - used lots of pics of her and the family. The only problem was that it was slightly bent when it arrived. Still usable."

January 23, 2019

I really like my placemat!

"It's very well made, durable, color is spot on! I get a lot of compliments."

January 23, 2019

My daughter loved this!


January 22, 2019

Loved it

"Nice placemat, print quality is great!"

Give Your Space a Cohesive Look by Decorating With White

There’s something about the color white that is so open and inviting, like a blank canvas waiting to be painted on. White also evokes a sense of clean, calm refreshment. However, on its own, white can seem a little sterile. That blank canvas, for example, can be intimidating. One of the best ways to decorate with white is to use it as a unifying background, which is exactly what you can do with Shutterfly’s custom white placemats.

Using white as a base lets you play with color in your decorating scheme and change things up whenever you like. This ideas page has tons of inspiration for decorating with white. Remember that you can add pops of color in all kinds of places without making major changes to your wall color, window dressings or furniture.

Custom Collages Bring Back Happy Memories

Traditional placemats give you a glimpse of your favorite photos whenever you sit at the table. Consider creating a collage of a family vacation, a special event or person, or your favorite pet. You could even take one along to your office or college dorm room to double as wall art when you aren’t using it at meal times.

Plenty of Options for All Your Photos

At Shutterfly, we let you store an unlimited number of photos, so you never have to limit your creativity. If you’re having trouble deciding which images to add to your personalized placemat, don’t worry; you can make more than one. You may also want to consider personalizing more household items to go with your white decor project. For example, you could create wall art that pops on a white background by incorporating inspirational canvas quotes along with your photos. Learn how to make a gallery wall even if you have no idea how to begin. Whatever room you’d like to personalize with photo-centered home decor, Shutterfly has the accessories to make it happen.

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