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White Portable Chargers

What customers have to say about our Portable Chargers

May 15, 2018

This is the fourth one our family has purchased

"These charges can charge two of our devices with one charge. There are just those moments when you're glad to have it."

May 13, 2018

The pictures came out great.

"I have used the charger several time to power my tablet and it works great."

April 8, 2018

Beautiful and Affordable

"Bought one of these as an updated faceplate for my husband's portable charger with new photos of my kids for Father's Day. He loves the charger and has been using it consistently for 3 years, so I want him to have newer photos of the kids when he uses it every day. Very happy with the new faceplate and the way the photos came out. Can't wait to gift it to a very amazing dad and husband in June!"

March 10, 2018

Monogram Memories Portable Charger

"Bought it to match my phone case, photos coordinate on both phone and charger"

February 21, 2018

Awesome product

"The portable chargers are amazing, very good quality and the faceplate pictures look great, you can even order new picture faceplates and change picture out every so often. They charge my iPhone very quickly and stays charged for a long time."

White Portable Chargers

You own a phone. You need to charge it. Instead of traveling around with the same charger that every other human has, why not design your own and make the most of your charging time? The white portable charger from Shutterfly takes care of your repowering needs while also adding some personality to your electronic accessories. When you have a portable charger you like, you become far less likely to leave it at the airport.

Technology with Feeling

If you use something multiple times a day, it might as well be a thing you like to look at. By personalizing your charger with a picture of your kids, you can think of your family every time you have to plug in at the office. You’ll feel less like a robot and more like a mom or dad with a gadget.

Stand Out From the Rest

With so many chargers that look identical, it’s easy for someone else to swoop yours up by mistake. When you use white portable chargers with photos of your family on display, other people will stop mistaking them for their own. Does your mom misplace her charger every chance she gets? A picture of the grandkids on her new charger will ensure she keeps tabs on the last place she juiced her phone.

A Universal Gift

What friend doesn’t own a cell phone or a tablet? An extra charger, custom iPad casecustom iPhone case, and Samsung Galaxy case is useful for almost everyone, and the variety of design options allows you to personalize this item and create a gift anyone can appreciate. This is the ultimate present for the coworker who always borrows and misplaces your charger, or for your teenage child who lives a device-heavy lifestyle.

A portable charger from Shutterfly lets you accomplish an everyday task in a more fulfilling way. Use our design features to create a charger you love, and start smiling whenever your battery gets low.

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