NEW Make A Photo Book In No Time
Our Storyboard™ tool makes it easy to organize the pictures you want to use in your photo book.

Storyboard Tool

Find the Storyboard™ tool under Pages in the photo book process.

Drag and drop group of pictures
Simply drag your photos from the left to the Storyboard on the right. We’ll select a great layout for each group of pictures.
More exciting new features:

•    Dynamic layouts

Drag and drop new pictures
Drag-and-drop additional pictures onto a page. The layout will automatically adjust to fit the new pictures.

•    Organize pictures

Drag and drop
Sort your pictures by date or name, or move a picture by highlighting it and dragging it to a new location.

•    Undo layout

Drag and drop
Try different layouts without losing your work.

•    Multi-row pictures display

Drag and drop
Scroll through your pictures two rows at a time so you can quickly find the images you’re looking for.

•    Zoom-in

Drag and drop
Mouse-over pictures for a closer look. Perfect for seeing details or to compare similar pictures.
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