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About Large Photo Prints

Every home has its own layout and sense of style. But one thing anyone can add to their home to elevate its warmth and personality are photo prints of precious memories. Tell your family’s story with photo prints that showcase special events, meaningful milestones, and beautiful portraits. Shutterfly’s large photo prints are printed on high-quality paper that will look great on any wall. Choose from matte, glossy, or pearl finish photo papers for prints that complement any room in your home. Designing your prints is easy — simply rotate, crop, and add a black or white border to make your photos stand out.

Large Photo Print Sizes

Large photo prints look stunning, whether they’re hanging solo or as one element of a gallery wall. Shutterfly large photo prints are available in various sizes ranging from 11x14 to 20x30, so you can customize your pieces to fit perfectly in any room in the house. Large prints are perfect for displaying your favorite photographs as large statement pieces, posters, or panoramic images. Choose a personalized frame to elevate your photo or to give as a thoughtful gift for a loved one.

Popular Large Photo Print Ideas

There are plenty of unique options to choose from when it comes to designing a large photo print. Choose from one or more of the ideas below to start creating the prints of your dreams.

  • Family portrait: Showcase your family’s personality with a fun, candid shot.
  • Wedding photos: Reminisce on your big day with a magical print of your favorite wedding photo.
  • Places you love: Hang your favorite destinations in your home, whether it’s a shot of beautiful landscapes, cityscapes, or your most loved family vacation spot.
  • Quotes or lyrics: Have a favorite quote or song lyric that resonates with you? Add it to your personalized print to make beautiful artwork.