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What customers have to say about our Art Prints

January 7, 2019

Be careful how this company ships stuff!

"I had some prints made, and they were shipped in only a same size flimsy envelope. Nowhere on the envelope does it say "fargile", or "do not bend". When the envelope arrived at my post office they FOLDED the evnelope so it would fit in my box, and the images all had a slight crease in them! Shutterfly had to reprint and send again -costing them money."

June 8, 2018

Would definitely use this again!

"Received a free 8x10 art print on signature cardstock from the coke rewards thing. Used Wallpaper I downloaded from one of my favorite games and it turned out a lot better then I expected and I framed it. Definitely going to do more for my room if I get any more freebies from the coke rewards."

August 6, 2017

So cute!

"I had never ordered the art prints before this one (and a few others in the same order) and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the print, and how sharp and clear the photos were, even though they were small to fit in the design. I chose family photos, and moved them around until I liked the way they appeared (making sure the overlap didn't cover someone's face, etc.) and took the chance of ordering. I love these prints, and will be ordering more, both for myself and as gifts!"

May 23, 2017

Love this product!

"I use this product to showcase my own Artwork..........and my grandkids! Makes it look so much more professional!"

March 2, 2017

Great for a college dorm!

"I used the Art Library to create encouraging prints for my niece's dorm room. What a great resource!"

Rules to Help You Create a Wall Gallery

A blank wall is an opportunity for creativity. White art prints and other decorative accessories are a great way to use blank space in your home. What does it take to design a wall gallery of your own? Here are a few simple rules to follow to maximize the impact of your display.

Mix and Match Elements

When planning a wall gallery, not every piece needs to be a photograph. While some photos and white art prints look great on your wall, you can also include other decorative items like plates, mirrors, and elements from nature. There are also wall decals with multiple stickers you can weave into a gallery layout.

Who Needs Frames?

The rule that not every item in your gallery needs a frame keeps your decor from looking dull and conventional. Canvas and metal prints are an excellent way to create quality works of art that do not need a frame. You can even choose a focal piece to use an elaborate frame, so the frameless items are set apart.

Work With a Theme

A unifying theme makes your gallery feel like a single concept. Part of making your theme work means choosing photos based on content rather than location. For example, if your theme is outdoor activities, then it's alright to have photos from the beach, a nature hike, and your recent outdoor barbeque. When your photos have different backdrops, try choosing a print set to ensure coordination.

These three rules help make your wall gallery a hit. With a mixture of elements, some open pieces, and a unifying theme, your gallery is impressive and coherent. At Shutterfly, you can find everything you need to cover your wall with beautiful pieces ranging from a white art print to a family photo. Editing options let you colorize photos, so they coordinate even better.

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