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Products available for in-store pickup

In-store pickup is currently available for 4x6 glossy prints only. Back-of-print message is not available.

Pick-Up Print Pricing
Size Print prices
$0.33 each (no tiers)
$0.33 each
$0.29 each
Prices may be updated by retail partners without notice and the final price will be calculated at the retail location.
(Note: CVS limits print orders to a maximum of $60 per order.)


Discounts and offers
Shutterfly discounts, free print offers and prepaid print plans cannot be used with in-store pickup.


Processing time
The processing time may vary by store. Most stores offer 1-hour processing. Large orders with 100 or more prints may take up to 24 hours. Stores that do not have in-house printing capabilities may take between 3-7 days to process prints.


Pick up and payment
Items picked up at your local retailer will have to be paid for at the store. Local taxes may apply.

Please bring a printed copy of the order confirmation email and proper identification when you pick up the order.

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