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Love it! I bought this for my hubby for Valentine's day with our boy's pictures on it. It turned out great. Everyone who has seen it has commented on how nice the pictures look. As others have said the pictures have a somewhat shinny but but textured finish on them, it makes them really stand out. I would buy this again for other gifts. February 20, 2013
The Cube This photo cube sounded nice so I decided I'd try it out and put my favorite pictures of my fuzzy kids on it. When I received it in the mail I couldn't believe how great it looked! I couldn't find the right space for it and kept moving it around. I felt is was too nice to keep it at home where no one would see it. Well my husband came home and saw it and asked if he could take it to work and put it on his desk. He's a banker and I thought it would be the perfect place! He really loves the cube and enjoys the comments he receives showing off his fuzzy kids! February 17, 2013
Photo Cube I really like this product. The pictures are very bright and they look great on the cube. I wasn't too sure why there was an opening on the bottom of the cube. The pictures were facing the other way, so I won't use the opening to store pens and pencils because the pictures would be upside down. But, otherwise, I really like it! February 17, 2013
Photo Cube I bought the cube as a gift for my hubby, who spends a lot of time at hotels and business offices around the U.S. I am hoping this small family album will bring a smile to his face when he looks at it. It seems well-made and I just hope it holds up in his suitcase during his travels! February 14, 2013
A work of art! I didn't know what to expect when I ordered the cube. I am so glad I took the chance as it is absolutely beautiful. It is very sturdy and not some some piece of plastic. Very happy with this photo cube and would definitely recommend it! February 13, 2013
Valentine's Surprise I purchased this cube for my husband for Valentine's day. Since we are a few days away from the holiday, he hasn't opened it yet, but I've seen it and love it! The design is great; it is lightweight and durable. It has spots for 5 pictures, and is the perfect size for placing on a desk, a mantle, piano, or anywhere to display. I would highly recommend this photo cube. It makes a great gift! February 10, 2013
wooden photo cube Great product! Solid wood, quality photo prints. My husband will love this as a Valentine's gift for his desk. I wish I had understood the orientation when I made the cube. I would have put the hole in the top so that he could have used the cube to put pens in. I like gifts that serve a function. February 9, 2013
Photo Cubes are Awesome I am a professional photographer and I had a credit with Shutterfly and thought I would use it for something around the house. When I got my photo cube I was so amazed at the quality of it. My daughter's first comment was "You know Grandma's going to want one!" It is definitely an awesome gift. I would definitely recommend it. February 7, 2013
Photo cube The photo cube is absolutely the best way to display all your favorite pictures because its so easy to create and the cube is a cute conversation piece. February 7, 2013
Super Cool Photo Cube This came out better than expected, mainly because of the finish. I was expecting it to be matte/flat but it has a sheen on it. I think it made the product look more expensive. I used photos of the family and kids from different holidays. It is a great reminder of the 2012 highlights. I am going to proudly display this on my desk at work. The one con for me: I wish the box had a bottom. It would just make it seem more finished if someone picks it up to admire it! February 6, 2013
Amazing photo cube I love my cube so much i will for sure be making another one! These make amazing gifts, Photos are so perfect the colors are the same as the orginal prints!! Love it!! February 6, 2013
Very Cute I like this product. I put Pictures of my daughter and it's very cute, I probably will get more February 6, 2013
Wonderful Memorial! I cannot wait for my friend to receive this gift ! It's beautiful she will be filled with emotion.She was very close to her Grandmother and lost her around Christmas before her son was born so this is a great Memorial gift for any family member .I will be making one of my Grandfather who passed when I was 15 almost 20 yrs ago.They are a little smaller than I expected but still a great gift!Also they could have more style option and maybe size options.All in all very pleased with the product! February 6, 2013
Loved my photo cube I absolutely love Shutterfly. I ordered the photo cube as a gift for my mother and she was so delighted when she received it. I think this is a great gift because you can add different photos. February 6, 2013
Beautiful !! I jusr received my Photo Cube, and it is BEAUTIFUL!! I was so pleased with the quality and the finish, well done, it is perfect! I highly recommend this to anyone who is thinking of doing one. I will be doing more. February 6, 2013
photo cube Absolutely adorable......love it!!! What a perfect addition to the nursery. Can't wait to make more!!! February 5, 2013
Christmas Photo Cube I ordered the photo cube because I had family members come to visit during Christmas whom I hadn't seen since 2009. I thought it would be a great souvenir of their visit. I ordered the cube with a matte finish. The size is perfect and I ordered the cube in a matte finish. It is nice and looks great displayed in my living room shelve, however, when I look at it up close it is kind of shiny and the image becomes kind of blurry but from far it looks great. Not sure if it has to do with the quality of my pictures or perhaps with the finish/sealant used to place the photos on the cube but I was a little disappointed. February 5, 2013
Photo Cube Not That Great I'm glad I got this with a huge discount, otherwise I would have been more disappointed. The pictures were fine, but they were very sloppy in putting the pictures on the cube. There were overlaps on some and bare edges on others. If this had been purchased as a gift, I would not have given it. It's O.K. for sitting on a shelf for just myself. February 5, 2013
Awesome Photo cube This was my first photo cube that brought tears to my mom eyes. It is made very well with wonderful colors. February 4, 2013
Photo cube The photo cube is great. It is really well made and a good value. February 4, 2013
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