• We provide you with an online professional photo gallery to sell your photos as prints or a digital download
  • We take orders for you and process payments from your customers
  • We produce top-quality prints for you
  • We handle delivery for you
  • We supply fast turnaround
  • We handle customer service
  • We send you payments for your orders

Want to sell photos?
Shutterfly Pro Gallery is the best way for you to sell online. Open an online professional photo gallery with Shutterfly Pro Gallery and your business has no limits. Have your own Internet store in minutes. The doors of your store are open to customers from anywhere the world — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Shutterfly Pro Gallery is a turnkey service that handles all fulfillment: order taking, billing, printing, shipping and customer service. We guarantee fast turnaround times and high-quality prints.

Don’t already have your own website?
No problem! Shutterfly Pro Gallery creates a website storefront for you in minutes. Give your website address to customers and let them order prints.

Already have a website?
Great! Just add a link to your website and let Shutterfly handle your sales transactions.

See How It Works

5 Easy Steps to Begin Selling your Photos Online:


Sign up


Easily upload images from your PC or Mac.


Organize your galleries however you want — You can create multiple galleries and can have multiple albums in any gallery.


Set your prices.


Start selling!

Features and Benefits

Our Professional Photo Gallery service is the best solution for selling your images online. We make it quick and easy for you to set up your own professional photo gallery for online proofing and sales. Here are some of the features and benefits of our service:

Sell the Print Sizes You Want: You choose which print sizes to sell. If you don’t want to sell 4×6’s, no problem, just exclude them from your price list.

Sell at the Prices You Want: You can adjust pricing for each individual gallery or for different audiences.

Offer discounts: Running sales is a great way to encourage customers to place orders and increase the amount that they spend with you. You can reward your customers by offering percentage off or free print promotions on the orders they place. Choose from over 100 discount options. Some examples of the types of discounts and promotions that you can offer: “10% off if you spend $100,” “Spend $50 and receive 1 8x10 Free,” or “Buy 5 4x6s and receive 1 4x6 Free.”

Sell the digital file: Digital Download enables your customers to use your professional images in more creative ways. Give your customers what they want and offer them the ability to purchase the image to be downloaded to their desktop. This will allow them to add them to social networking sites, back them up on CDs, and use them as screensavers.

Automatic Deposits: We deposit your profits directly into your account every month and send you monthly sales reports. Please note: If you reside outside of the US, we can direct deposit your revenue share into your foreign bank account as long as your bank accepts deposits in US dollars.

Personalized Website Address: Our system automatically generates a unique website address for you (e.g. www.shutterfly.com/pro/accountname/galleryname). You can either link the gallery address to your current website or give the gallery address to your clients. You can also get your own unique website address (e.g. www.galleryname.com) and have it point to your Shutterfly Pro Gallery storefront.

Unlimited Gallery Creation: There is no limit to the number of photo galleries you can create. You can create a unique gallery for each of your clients or events.

Watermark Protection: For added security and protection against illegal copying of your images, you have the option of applying a watermark to every photo gallery you create. You have 5 different options to choose from including no watermark.

Password Protection: You have the option of password protecting each photo gallery you create.

Back Printing: You can set your own back print messaging on 4×6 and 5×7 prints.

Customizable Index Print: (a print included in customer orders with thumbnail-size images showing all of the photos for that order).

Free Photo Editing Tools: Adjust your photos on your computer, or upload the unedited images and use Shutterfly’s tools to crop, change to black and white, apply borders or adjust saturation.

Order Reports: Access real time order reports 24×7. Track every detail of the order from file names and print sizes, to customer contact information for follow up marketing.

Performance Reports: Analyze your visitor activity and the most frequent images sold from your albums and galleries.

PC and MAC friendly: Our site is friendly to both PC users and MAC users.

Professional Volume Discounts: Access to discounts for all Shutterfly products for fulfillment through your personal Shutterfly account.

Have questions or need more info?
Please call 800.416.1465 or send an email to progalleryhelp@cs.shutterfly.com. We will be glad to provide you with more information or help you get signed up and selling in no time.