Whether you’re selling event photos or wedding, sports and art photos, Pro Gallery will meet your needs. Read what other professional photographers think about Pro Gallery.

Dom L So easy and affordable

“When I first set up my photography business, I did not have a way of selling photos online. I found that Shutterfly offered a site that I could set up quickly and easily. I was able to choose which products to sell and set my own prices. All this for a fraction of the cost of hiring someone to create an e-commerce site for me. I have been surprised by customers ordering photo products from events that I shot as far back as 2007. Having my photos available for sale with no additional work on my part is a great convenience.”

Dominick L
Pro Gallery Member since 2006

David L Profitability

“I’ve been very happy with the service. People who have ordered pictures from my site are getting them within 4-5 days at the most, and usually it’s even quicker than that. Shutterfly does all the work when it comes to the payments. They update as orders are made so I can track my monthly take. Then somewhere on the 15th of the following month I get my portion of the profits. Personally I think if you’re shooting digital and you don’t do something like this you’re just crazy. I’ve made a lot of money I wouldn’t have made without the site. And doing it via the web is the only way to go.”

David L
Pro Gallery Member since 2005

Sara L Time-saver

“I was so excited when I found Shutterfly offered Pro Gallery to photographers! Photography is not my full time job, so I knew that I would not have time to place and fill orders. I am so grateful to Shutterfly for their services. I shoot the pictures, edit them and upload them to Shutterfly and my customers take it from there! It is so easy for my customers and especially for me. My customers love the fast delivery services and the ease of ordering. I get to spend more time taking pictures and spending time with my family thanks to Shutterfly!”

Sara L
Pro Gallery Member since 2006

Damon F The best product and service

“We use Shutterfly Pro Gallery for all our photo needs because of the quality and service Shutterfly provides. Our customers receive high quality photo prints and excellent customer service from Shutterfly’s highly trained staff and advanced photo processing facility. We rely on having the best product to meet the needs of our customers, and at shutterfly.com we get all that and more.”

Akiva T, Producer
Pro Gallery Member since 2003

Amy R Great for clients

“Shutterfly Pro Gallery allows me to give clients password-protected access to view their proofs and order what they want, when they want. This gives me more time to take pictures and gives customers time to shop from the comfort of their own home. It also permits my family members that live far away to order their own pictures and have them shipped directly to them.”

Amy R
Pro Gallery Member since 2007

Mark B No need to tend the store

“I spend more than 40 hours a week as a Design Director for a newspaper. You wouldn’t think I’d have time to run a youth hockey photography studio on the side, but Shutterfly Pro Gallery makes it possible. They handle all of my printing, shipping and customer service, so I’m able to cover the action and still have time for the things I love!”

Mark B
Pro Gallery Member since 2007

Victoria B Pro Gallery does the work for you

“I am a full-time attorney and mother of two, so I have very little free time. But, with Shutterfly’s Pro Gallery, I can take pictures at my children’s school events and then sell photos online as a fundraiser for the school. Or, I can sell my travel photos for a little extra money on the side. I just send out the web link and Pro Gallery does all the work — printing, shipping, etc. It’s so easy! Plus, I love all the merchandise options people can order, in addition to prints. Pro Gallery takes care of everything so I can just “focus” on taking great pictures!”

Victoria B
Pro Gallery Member since 2009

Dee G Fast, easy and intuitive

“I’m Special Events Director for The Light Factory, a contemporary museum of photography and film. Our main fundraiser, the Shoot Out, is a weekend-long photo shoot. It’s harder than you might think to find a vendor to make photo fulfillment easy, fast and intuitive. With quality photo gifts and excellent customer service, Shutterfly makes the Shoot Out a snap.”

Dee G
Pro Gallery Member since 2007

Katie V So convenient

“I enjoy fantastic service such as: email specials, fast shipping, and great finished products. I love that I can sell photos online to my customers in their own personal galleries. It is as convenient for me as it is for them! I was also able to create my business website through Shutterfly. It is extremely efficient for me to only have one place to go to conduct all of my business. I would recommend this service to anyone who is interested in starting their own photography business. I couldn’t be happier!!!”

Katie V
Pro Gallery Member since 2010

Angelica C Keep track of sales

“Pro Gallery is professional, password-protected and easy to use. I get the option of selling the photos I want at the prices I want. It’s well organized, friendly, and has great customer service. My customers so far have loved the products they’ve received. Shutterfly provides me with earnings reports each month so I can keep track of my sales. I could go on and on. If you are a photographer and are looking for a great website to use, I HIGHLY recommend them!”

Angelica C
Pro Gallery Member since 2011

Wendy A It lets me focus on my photography

“What I love about Shutterfly is that it allows me to focus on what I do best, create. As my work continues and grows, so will my gallery.”

Wendy A
Pro Gallery Member since 2011

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