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Brown Gift Tags

What customers have to say about our Gift Tags

December 23, 2017

Nice but small.

"Would be nice if there were options to get these in different sizes. The current size offered is a little small to center on a gift bag."

Make Your Gifts Even Cooler with Brown Gift Tags

Toss out a little hint at what's inside that wrapped beauty with brown gift tags that lend a rustic air to your presentation. A sophisticated, yet earthy-inspired gift tag can let someone know that you found them a great outdoor gift, like a flask for camping trips or a cool set of garden stones, without totally giving the present away until they get it unwrapped. Anchor your gift tags with awesome, customized wrapping paper and everything about this gift will make it crystal-clear that you are a bonafide, gift-giving diva.

Putting Your Name on Gift Tags

The whole point of gift tags are to let your recipient know who their special gift is from. But when you design customized gift tags, they come pre-printed with your name, so you can put the focus back where it should be -- on the person the gift is for! Bust out your favorite pen, the one that writes so silky-smooth, or select a fine-point market in an accent color, and make a statement with their name. Even if your handwriting isn't traditionally perfect, you can find ways to make it uniquely perfect with flourishes, underlines, hearts or stars. Brown gift tags take care of the practical info. Now, you add the fun.

Gift Tags for Different Occasions

Lots of people like to put their last name on a gift tag. That way, it doesn't matter which of your clan is gift-giving, the gift reflects everyone. After all, the family that shares stickers, sticks together, right? But sometimes, gifts are from individuals, and it can be meaningful to make it clear who is being thoughtful. If your child goes to a birthday party for a classmate, the present is from him or her for a peer who sent birthday invitations just to the other kids -- not the whole family. If you have a colleague or a prospect that you'd like to share a gift with, it's more appropriate to seal the deal with just your name. Your family is happy for your successes, but the success is yours. Just your name on a gift tag is the best way to connect in this case.