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Modern Gift Tags

What customers have to say about our Gift Tags

December 23, 2017

Nice but small.

"Would be nice if there were options to get these in different sizes. The current size offered is a little small to center on a gift bag."

Modern Gift Tags Elevate Your Gifts

It doesn't matter how many gifts you give each year. When your loved ones receive something from you, they know it's going to be good when they see your modern gift tags adorning your gorgeous wrapping job. Part of the fun of giving gifts is seeing their faces light up, but even if you're hearing about their joy from afar, you can't help but feel awesome about taking the time to make their day. These little details really do stick in people's minds. It's how they know that you care and it's a beautiful reflection of who you are.

Customizing Gift Tags for Your Family

The great thing about custom gift tags is that you can choose one that suits your family best. Maybe you're a big gang and you need a little room to write everyone's name -- or different gifts might be from different kids or just from you and your partner. You'll probably go with a tag that features a solid color or subtle texture without any borders in this case. For others, it makes more sense to receive your modern gift tags already totally personalized. Imagine how great presents and cards will look when they're embellished with adult stickers with your family's last name printed on them.

Creating A Signature with Modern Gift Tags

If you're in the habit of sending gifts on your own, your personalized gift tag can become a signature. This is a great way to develop a personal brand, too. If you're in the kind of business where correspondence, thank you notes, or gifts are traded between colleagues, partners, and prospects, a gift tag that bears your name is an unforgettable way to impress business contacts. Use these for your side hustles and passion projects, too. Soon, your colors and the modern layout of your tags will become part of your visual identity.

Put Gift Tags on Other Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are a wonderful way to connect with others. When you buy beautiful home accents, like glass frames, plaques, or indoor garden pots, a specially wrapped gift box with a custom tag is exactly the kind of attention your thoughtful gift deserves. Take the time to let others know you care.