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Orange Gift Tags

What customers have to say about our Gift Tags

December 23, 2017

Nice but small.

"Would be nice if there were options to get these in different sizes. The current size offered is a little small to center on a gift bag."

Orange Gift Tags for Baby Gifts

Tag your shower or first birthday gift with orange gift tags from Shutterfly. If orange is a color you're featuring in gift-wrapping, your orange gift tag template awaits in the design studio.

Orange is a delightfully warm color. It's also gender-neutral, which comes in handy at certain baby showers. Orange is the color of wisdom, creation, and meditation. These are all good things where moms- and dads-to-be are concerned. Dress your baby gifts in bright paper, with orange gift tags to match. Your gifts will be perfectly inspiring, just waiting to be opened.

Gift Tags for Everyday Gifting

Gifts come in handy on many occasions throughout the year. It's a good idea to keep orange gift tags handy for everyday gift-giving moments. This color is suitable all year round. Brilliantly, orange is a color that's appropriate for all seasons. It also works with nearly any holiday you can imagine.

Choose from one of Shutterfly's chic templates to find an orange gift tag idea you like, then click the template to unveil customization options. Add your family name, and you'll have personalized gift tags that'll impress your loved ones.

Having a personalized gift tag reveals your thoughtfulness and attention to detail. These tags also offer convenience. In the case that you don't have a card to send with the gift, affix a lovely orange gift tag that you've customized. This will add that personal, finishing touch your gift needs.

Gifts for Kids with Shutterfly Orange Gift Tags

Your kids celebrate lots of moments throughout the year. With so much growing and learning going on, celebratory gift-giving is inevitable. Why not save time? Purchase orange gift tag stickers to stick on all of the year's presents lovingly. Your little ones will delight in seeing the tags because they'll know you printed those just for them.

Give Thanks in Bulk With Customized Orange Gift Tags

Your family receives a lot of gifts, so naturally, there are plenty of things to be thankful for! With colorful orange gift tags you've printed with Shutterfly, you can say thank you for just about anything. Only add a thank-you-themed orange sticker to your custom photo gift, and it's suddenly a thank-you gift!

Personal kids stickers save time and hassle, and orange gift tags are no exception. The versatility of orange goes a long way in gifting.