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Yellow Gift Tags

What customers have to say about our Gift Tags

December 23, 2017

Nice but small.

"Would be nice if there were options to get these in different sizes. The current size offered is a little small to center on a gift bag."

Creating a Gift-Wrapping Station at Home

Wrapping gifts is a fine art that very few excel at – however, the rest of us can practice! Having a gift-wrap station at home is a great way of improving your gifting game. Not only will you have all the tape, wrapping paper, white and yellow gift tags, and ribbon stored in the right place, you can tell at a glance that you have all the necessary supplies for any occasion. Shutterfly makes it simple to personalize lots of items, including wrapping paper. It will help you create a station that is sure to improve your gift-giving experience.

Stock Up on the Essentials

Needed items for your wrapping station include plenty of cellophane tape and wrap. A personalized yellow gift tag is an excellent way to improve the look of your present. The tags we offer come ready for giving and are customized with your touches. You can add your family’s name or personalize them with a child’s name. These small items are easy to customize, and you can complete the process within minutes using our convenient online design studio. There are lots of tools available to help you create the perfect personalized tag. Place your order, and in no time, your items will arrive at your door.

Special Touches That Make a Difference

Keep a few special ribbons and bows available to add special touches to gifts given for important occasions. You can make even simple presents stand out with the help of a grand bow. You can purchase this ready-made or try your hand at making your own. There are many tutorials online that will help you get started. Combining a fluffy bow you made yourself with a personalized tag will make your present stand out. This is the perfect gift for a baby shower present or graduation gift. Order your customized gift tags today to get started.