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Getting Started Is Easy

With a Shutterfly Share site, communicating with parents, sharing team photos and videos and managing event schedules, snack duties and player availability has never been simpler or more fun. See an example site below.

Create a Share site

“Before we had a Shutterfly Share site, we were hit-and-miss communicating about events. Now parents know I update the site immediately.”

-Jill M.

“This was the first time I set up a website as the Team Mom. Shutterfly makes it so easy to add just about anything to the team site.”

-Christina S.

“We put up hundreds of photos each season and everyone loves it. I constantly hear how grateful everyone is to have access to lots of fun photos.”

-Valerie P.

“Photo books make the best coach’s gifts and presents for families. Something they can cherish forever.”

-Susan S.

Capture Memories From The Season With Sports Photo Books
Quick Start Guide Quick Start Guide  Download a detailed guide  

Share your friendships, action shots and special sideline moments with everyone on your team website. Click on the “Create a Share site” link on this page and follow these simple steps to get started.

1. Choose a site name.
For example

2. Select a design.

3. Follow the easy steps of our set-up wizard. Add key team info such as:

  • Team roster and parent information
  • Coach and team parent roles
  • The first event of the season

4. Once you’ve completed the set-up wizard, you’re ready to visit your personalized team site. If you skip the set-up wizard, you can always go back and add information later.

5. Start customizing your team site by adding photos and videos from your Shutterfly account, camera or computer. Add information to your event calendar. It will be included in the event reminders and notifications sent to all your members.

6. Once your team site is ready to share, click “invite members” in the reminder bar at the top of your site. A customizable email will pop-up. If you’ve added contact information to the team roster, you don’t need to enter email addresses. Just hit send to invite people to become site members.

7. Verify and update your contact information on the roster page. We recommend everyone post their child’s photo to the roster so coaches and parent volunteers can put faces to names.

Example Youth Sports Site
Create a Share Site
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Home Getting Started Photography Basics For Parents & Coaches All Youth Sports Products >>