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Birthday Greetings

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What customers have to say about our Birthday Greetings

October 18, 2012

Cards Kids Want to Sleep With

"My grandson Jacob, who turns 13 this week, LOVES the San Diego Chargers. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find Chargers birthday cards in stores? Actually, I've never found one. This is the third year I've made him a Chargers card on Shutterfly, and he has been thrilled, especially since I've inadvertently chosen Google Image photos that include his favorite players. This year's card is still in the mail on its way to him, but he took last year's card to bed with him because he loved it so much. And the beauty is that the Shutterfly cards are mostly less expensive than store-bought cards. I make them for everyone in my family, based on what they love or what they happen to be interested at the time of their birthday or graduation or other special event. I have also made wedding cards for people, using pictures of their wedding venue taken before the event. I've made anniversary cards, new baby cards, Mother's Day cards, Father's Day cards, Thanksgiving cards, Christmas cards, Easter cards, valentines, and thank-you cards. It takes more work to make these cards than it does to buy a card off the shelf, but the rewards to everyone are priceless. The card quality is great and consistent, and I am grateful everyday that I can do something this simple that brings so much joy to my family members and friends, but especially to my eight grandchildren."

April 26, 2013

Picture Card

"The process of making this picture card was quite easy. It was my first time making a birthday card. The price was about the same as buying a generic greeting card at Target. The recipient of the card loved it and commented that it was a keepsake as the front of the card featured a photo of her three grand daughters. To make it more fun and personal I had the kids take three sheets of paper and write in large letters and color them in "Happy" "Birthday" "Grandma!" one word on each sheet. Then I took a photo of them each holding one of the papers, sitting in order so it read "Happy Birthday Grandma!" and that was the front of the card. Overall, it was a very quick, easy, inexpensive way to make a personalized birthday card that was quite memorable for the recipient! Highly recommend it!"

October 10, 2015

Love this card

"I have used the card several times for important milestone birthdays! Specially when my children turned husband turned 62 etc. It is so cute. One of my favorites!"

January 30, 2013

Birthday card

"I absolutely loved the card I made for my cousin's birthday. There were so many beautiful options to choose from, and Shutterfly made the process so quick & easy. Thank you, Shutterfly, for allowing me to give something so special to my favorite cousin!"

October 5, 2012

I love Shutterfly photo birthday cards !

"I have 10 grandchildren all under 15... I have digital photos of them from day one and every year make 10 birthday cards. I like the folded birthday cards that give me a choice of inserting my photos, usually 4 to 6 photos. I take current and previous special photos of each individual child and place it on the birthday card that I am making. I can then choose special words for each child in wishing them a happy birthday. Each child has saved their cards through the years and I will see the cards on their shelf in their room from time to time. I love this birthday project and it gives me a chance to relook at my photos which are on my computer....and my Shutterfly birthday card lets them know how special that they are!"

Personalized Birthday Greeting Cards

Few things show how much you care more than a custom birthday card from Shutterfly. Our fast, high-quality printing ensures that your card goes out in time with exactly the message you want. Unlike stock messages in storebought cards, we make it easy for you to personalize a birthday card into a meaningful memento that your friend, family member, coworker, or acquaintance will love. And if you’re not entirely sure what you want to say, we have some great ideas for what to write in a birthday card.

Sending Your Birthday Greeting Cards

At Shutterfly, we make it as simple as possible for you to go the extra mile. You can upload photos from desktop, iPads and other tablets, smartphones, and cameras. From there, we walk you through the personalization process and show you a sample of what the finished item will look like. You can also send your photo birthday card directly to the person, or send it to yourself to sign and stamp.

Shop for a Personalized Birthday Gift

In addition to personalized photo cards, we offer an array of heartfelt personalized gifts – and the process of creating these gifts is just as simple as creating a custom birthday card. For the techie in your life, a custom iPhone case or Samsung Galaxy case might be a perfect gift. Does the birthday boy or girl love game nights? How about a photo puzzle to add to their collection? The opportunities to customize are endless. For little ones with family members far away, a personalized memory game is a great way to remember loved ones near and far.

The possibilities are endless. Begin designing and creating meaningful birthday keepsakes today. You may be interested in checking out our special offers for added savings.

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Another year older. Another year of fun. Invite all the guests with this stylish birthday invitation. Just add your favorite photos and all the event details.
Another year older. Another year of fun. Invite all the guests with this stylish birthday invitation. Just add your favorite photos and all the event details.