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Stationery Gifts

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Stationery Gifts
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Stationery Sets and Gifts Help Loved Ones Stay in Touch Across the World

Remember when people waited for postal carriers to arrive and hoped to hear from pen pals or relatives living in other states or countries? Email and text messages are quick but not as memorable as physical letters.

Explore stationery gifts for people of all ages and browse designs featuring cool graphics, beautiful photos, and professional-looking monograms. Customized paper and envelopes help individuals show off their personalities. Plus, the colorful supplies make a stack of received mail look more interesting and encourage people to read it.

You can also find matching calling cards. Personalize them with an address, email, and mobile number, leaving no doubts about how to get in touch.

Paperweights Help Keep Stacks of Documents Organized

If you know a person who sends things through the mail often and writes warm messages in cards or on sheets of decorative paper, consider giving a gift that fits with that popular pastime. A paperweight made of glass keeps groups of papers from blowing away when a breeze comes through an open window, or an individual turns on the ceiling fan.

Paperweights from Shutterfly have felt backing so that they won’t scratch desks or tables. Personalize one with a photo taken during a long-awaited trip to Ireland or an engagement snapshot of the recipient and a partner.

Plush Pillows Maximize Comfort During Lengthy Letter-Writing Sessions

It’s not hard to spend hours composing messages to people you love. You might make your words seem to leap off the page by using a decorative font with rounded letters or another pretty kind of calligraphy, too. Stay comfortable while filling individuals in on what’s going on in your life.

Find a plush pillow design, customize it with a fantastic photo and anticipate using a soft, supportive accessory while writing. These pillows give welcome softness while you read or watch TV as well.

Look for a personalized stationery gift at Shutterfly today. Browse for complementing items, and take care of all your gift-giving at once.