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Digital Scrapbooking

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Create Your Own Custom Digital Scrapbook

Have you considered turning your digital photographs into a scrapbook? Remember when you had disposable cameras or better yet, actual film? You would print out all your photos and store them in a shoebox under your bed. Perhaps you would cut and paste them into a scrapbook.

Today, we capture our favorite memories digitally and store them in the cloud or our devices. Rarely do we take the time to sort and print them out. Instead of leaving your precious memories in a digital shoebox, consider creating a beautiful digital scrapbook. Shutterfly will help you organize your best photos and turn them into a beautifully printed book you can treasure forever – without the mess of a traditional scrapbook.

Designing Your Digital Scrapbook

While the thought of sitting down and sifting through your pictures can seem daunting, Shutterfly is here to ease the process. Whether you want a small handheld book of select memories or an extra large book to tell your personal story, there is a scrapbook for you.

Once you pick what size you want your photo book to be, use your favorite design program to create the perfect scrapbook with the Shutterfly specs, clearly explained on our digital scrapbooking page.

Digital scrapbooks are truly customizable. There is a guided tour to make creating your book as enjoyable as possible. The templates will guide you on page arrangement. You can choose between soft, hard and premium covers for a scrapbook that speaks to you.

Digital Scrapbooks for Every Occasion

Just like old-school traditional cut and paste scrapbooks, digital scrapbooks make great gifts for every occasion – with one bonus little caveat. It is easy to create duplicates of books you love. When you make a photo book to celebrate your little one’s year, you can create a copy of both sets for the grandparents, too. Turn your favorite wedding memories into beautiful books perfect for both the mother of the bride and the groom.

Digital scrapbooks are the best way to play Santa this Christmas. Turn photographs of the entire clan into the perfect “from all of us” gift for the matriarch of your family and print your limb of the family tree. While you are busy creating the perfect holiday gift for Grandma, make Grandpa his own set of custom playing cards. This thoughtful gift is something they will cherish forever.

Shutterfly has everything you need to bring scrapbooking to the modern day. Turn your favorite images into beautifully bound books, perfect for every occasion and every budget.