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From announcements to photography,
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Right alongside virtual ceremonies and micro weddings , elopements are expected to soar in popularity in 2021. But what is an elopement? And why do couples choose it? Traditionally, to elope meant to run away secretly with the intention of getting married,usually without parental consent. Today, couples choose to elope for other reasons such as to get married at their dream destination, to keep the ceremony totally intimate or to simply get away from the stress or obligation of a large wedding. If you’re interested in eloping, look no further: Below is everything you need to know about planning an elopement.

Announce Your Elopement

One of the first steps to eloping is deciding how to share the good news with family and friends. Elopement announcements are the perfect way to let important people in your life know about your decision and perhaps a few details about the day — even if they can’t be there.

Choose an announcement that speaks to your commitment and matches the ambience of your celebration. You can get creative with your elopement announcement wording, too. Whether you want to be funny, cute, detailed or mysterious — it’s all up to you! And remember, you don’t have to send an elopement announcement unless you feel comfortable doing so.


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Choose Your Elopement Photographer

Epic elopement photography is one of the many perks of eloping. Head to Instagram or Pinterest and do a quick search of wedding photographers in your local area and closer to the place you’re planning to elope. Take a good look at their elopement photography pricing (it’s often significantly cheaper than traditional wedding packages) and examples of past elopement photography in their portfolio. Your elopement photos will always hold a special place in your heart, so take your time making your selection.


Own Your Elopement

With an elopement wedding, you can really celebrate your day, your way. Take your time deciding who you want to be by your side, where you want to exchange your vows and what you want your aesthetic to be.

Your elopement wedding dress is the perfect way to express the style of your celebration, whether it’s a boho-inspired floor-length gown or a fashion-forward modern jumpsuit. And if the ceremony and travel details are making your head spin, don’t worry, you can always find an elopement wedding planner to help out along the way.


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Send Your Elopement Card

If you choose not to send an elopement announcement beforehand, an elopement card is a great way to spread your happy news. Tell your friends and family about your glorious day with a few photos and even a short recap of the ceremony and why it meant so much to you and yours.


We Eloped!

Commemorate your elopement with a “We Eloped!” sign (consider purchasing one to use day-of for photography purposes), or a photo book detailing all the special moments of the day. If you’re in the mood for a little more celebrating, consider throwing a small post-elopement party with some of your closest family and friends.

Raise a toast to you, your love, and doing your wedding, your way.


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