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Plan the Perfect Family Reunion

Families are always changing and sometimes it can be hard to keep up with all everyone and everything. A family reunion is a great way to gather the masses and commemorate the one thing you all have in common: your family ties. This is the perfect opportunity to get a little nostalgic and celebrate your family's history, relive old memories, honor recent achievements, and rejoice in new additions.

Shutterfly can help you plan the perfect family reunion. If you're planning a celebration for less than 100 people, you'll want to start your planning about four months in advance; for more than 100, you’ll need at least six months to pull it off in style.

One-Of-A-Kind Reunion Invitations

You have been nominated. Your huge family has voted and the party planning has been left to you. Show off your flair for great design and customize your party invitations with fresh, stylish cards that are sure to impress your loved ones. Personalized invitations from Shutterfly are simple and fun to create. You can even add a favorite photo of the clan and include a heartfelt message, customized to fit your family.

Party Décor

Before the festivities begin, plan some fun things that will make this family reunion stand out. You can create a charming collage poster featuring photos of your family members from decades past – everyone will have smiles on their faces when they start reminiscing about the good ol’ days. Scatter prints around the room, so no matter where your family members are, they will be able to revisit favorite memories with each photo. Turn a couple of favorite family photos into canvas prints and use them in the center of each table – each one will be sure to start a conversation.

Family Reunion Gifts

Another great way to make sure everyone remembers the best family reunion in history is to send them home with gifts—fun gifts from Shutterfly. Turn a photo you love into a fleece blanket and send each family member home with one. Personalize a candle with a favorite family photo to give your loved ones. Leftovers from the party? Send local family members home with reusable shopping bags from Shutterfly.

Celebrate family merriment with Shutterfly. Create invitations to parties and barbecues and share summer memories with personalized photo gifts for family members. Just remember… it’s your party, too. When the day arrives, stop and have a good time.