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About Our Art Library

If you are looking for prints, art images or some other design to create or enhance your blankets, coffee mugs, photos and other items, visit our art library. It’s filled with colorful images, abstracts, floral, patterns and vintage black & white photography for you to use to give your personal items and gifts a dose of something beautiful and amazing.

Whether you are interested in creating custom gifts for friends and family or simply want to add something unique to your collection, you have a wide variety of options to choose from in our art library. You can mix and match your choices to create a single item or create several to be used any way you want.

You don’t need to be an art connoisseur or travel the world in order to appreciate the true beauty and elegance that your order is enhanced with. Shutterfly continues to go above and beyond to see to satisfy all of its customers by offering the diverse selection of personalized gift and home décor options they need and want. Browse through each category or search for the inspiration you need to create and send stunning gift that give each photo memory a brand new look and meaning that adds to its sentimental value.

No matter who the recipient is or what their interests are, once they receive the token of thoughtfulness you’ve sent, they can add it to their home or take it with them to work. No matter what they decide to do, they’ll enjoy the newfound ambiance that it brings to any space.

With Shutterfly, there are no restrictions on the level of uniqueness and quality you can add to you custom projects. Your inspiration can come from a variety of sources. Whether you need a little motivation or some inspiration, our art library is the perfect place for you to go for all of your custom and personalized design ideas.