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Personalized Story Books for Children

A children’s book makes an excellent gift for a kid in your life—but for the next occasion on your calendar, capture their imagination in a new way with a personalized book. Personalized story books from Shutterfly are filled with fun rhymes, beautiful illustrations, magic, adventures and a personal touch designed to make your child feel special no matter the occasion.

Tell Your Kid’s Story

Put your kid right into the story alongside their favorite characters, animals and more, in one-of-a-kind tales brought to life by our talented partners, authors and illustrators. Take your little one on a learning adventure with books that teach them how to spell their name, count and, of course, read. Or help them drift off to sleep with a personalized bedtime story made just for them.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll find in a personalized storybook from Shutterfly:

  • Discover a range of book titles and themes that are perfect for babies, toddlers, young children and older kids, too. Whether you’re looking for the perfect baby shower gift, a birthday surprise or a Christmas present, there’s something every kid will love.
  • Include a personalized message at the front of your book to commemorate the occasion or tell your little one how much you love them.
  • Some of the books from our collection not only feature your child’s name but also their photo, siblings’ names, the family pet or other personalized touches that bring the tale to life in a big way. Every kid will feel like they’re a part of the story.