Uploading a photo on a smartphone to make a custom photo book

Photo Storage

From small, everyday moments to life’s most important milestones, Shutterfly believes that all of your memories should be treasured. That’s why Shutterfly offers free unlimited photo storage — the easiest and safest way for you to preserve, access and create with all your favorite photos. Simply upload your photos, save, and start making! The best part? Shutterfly’s free photo storage never deletes photos, so you can rest easy knowing your photos will always be safe and available for whenever you need them.


Free Unlimited Photo Storage

When we say free photo storage, we mean it. It doesn’t matter how many photos you want to upload — Shutterfly’s free photo storage service allows you to keep every important memory, photoshoot and milestone safe and organized. No hidden fees or disclaimers here! Plus, when you store photos online, you can easily access them from any device including your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Once you’ve uploaded and saved your photos to our online photo storage, you’re all set to start creating keepsakes and items you and your loved ones will appreciate for years to come.


Uploading pictures to Shutterfly's free unlimited photo storage service from a smartphone or desktop computer

Custom Products To Make With Your Stored Photos

Use Shutterfly's free photo storage service to create custom photo mugs

Custom Mugs

Warm hearts and hands with custom mugs that feature the photos you love so dearly. Perfect for your own everyday use or for gifting to friends, parents and beyond, personalized mugs are a great way to highlight favorite memories and photos. Choose a design that showcases just one photo or, to fit a few more in, go with a gallery-style design instead.


Our Photo Storage Service Offers Unlimited Uploads

With unlimited photo storage available, you never have to worry about running out of room or needing to find a different photo storage solution. From birthdays and graduations to weddings, vacations and beyond, all of your memories can be safely located all in one place.


A woman uploading photos to Shutterfly's photo storage service from her desktop computer
A woman taking picture of a friend with a birthday cake to backup to Shutterfly

Backup All Of Your Photos For Free

All those photos buried deep in your phone’s camera roll? It’s time to give them a permanent home! Shutterfly’s online photo storage service is 100% free, no matter how many photos you want to backup. A major plus: Shutterfly stores your photos at full resolution, so you never have to worry about losing quality when you download them again. To make things even easier, you can opt in for the automatic upload feature — any photo you take on your phone will immediately be uploaded to your Shutterfly account as well.


Store Photos In Just One Place

In the digital world we live in, our photos are everywhere. It can be hard to keep track of them all between switching phones, using more than one photo-editing app and being on multiple social media platforms. Luckily, Shutterfly’s photo storage service makes it easy to centralize all your photos, whether it’s screenshots from Snapchat or some of your most Insta-worthy posts. Plus, by keeping all of your photos in one place, you’ll never have to wonder what you did with that one meaningful photo you loved so much.

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Upload Pictures To Our Photo Storage Service From Any Device

Camera, laptop, smartphone — you can easily upload photos to our photo storage service from any device. It’s easy to upload pictures from social media, too! Facebook and Instagram are great for highlighting life’s best moments with family and friends, but they are not so great for storing your photos. To add photos from Facebook or Instagram, simply go to the upload option on your Shutterfly library homepage and select the social media platform you’d like to import from.


Use The Photo Storage Service To Organize Images

Photos on a camera roll or even a laptop have a tendency to get little disorganized pretty quickly. That’s where our photo storage service can help! Shutterfly’s photo storage service makes it easy to organize photos in a way that makes sense to you. Organize photos by date or make an album for specific topics, people, celebrations and more. Whatever organizational hack works best for you is the way to go!

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