Tips for documenting your child's school year

Tips for documenting your child's school year
  • Take a picture of your child walking in the door at the beginning of the school year and coming out at the end. Side-by-side, these make a great visual.
  • The school year often starts with new clothes, a book bag and a lunch sack—photos of these items make your photo book a time capsule of trends.
  • Ask your child the same question at the beginning of the school year and at the end. The answers make a nice open and close for a yearbook.
  • Action shots of kids performing at music recitals, taking part in assemblies and playing in the school yard balance out a book.
  • Class outings are a great time to get a group shot of the students.
  • Photos of lockers, cubbies, a school bell or a blackboard can add interest to pages when used as backgrounds.
  • Add in pictures of the teachers and the administration—from the Principal to the coach—to represent the people in your child's community.
  • Photograph or scan your child's best book reports, math quizzes or art projects and add them to the photo book for an educational element.
  • Jot down fun facts—your child's favorite sandwich, a tally of hours spent on homework and favorite sayings—to personalize your child's story.
  • Capture an important milestone—like your child accepting a graduation diploma—by shooting one photo right after another to preserve the emotion of the moment.
Ideas for getting more photos
  • If the school permits, let your child bring their camera to class and document a day in their life from the student's perspective.
  • Donate a camera to your child's classroom so the teacher and students can use it and share the photos with the parents.
  • Create a Shutterfly Classroom Share site so parents can upload their photos after field trips and parties.

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