Yearbook to-do list

Yearbook to-do list

Secure committee members
Enlist one parent volunteer from each classroom to be the point person for collecting photos, proofreading the Yearbook draft and distributing books to students in that class.

Contact Shutterfly to prepay and lock in great discounts
Visit to submit a request for a quote based on the number of books you plan to order and the number of pages of the books.

Collect Yearbook orders and payments
Give parents a couple of weeks (and a clear deadline) to place their order and send payment.

Confirm your order with Shutterfly
Finalize the order details and find out your Yearbook order deadline to make sure it arrives in time.

Decide on a photo naming convention
Expedite the process of organizing and uploading photos by choosing a way to label images like HalloweenParade2ndGrade, ScienceCamp4thGrade, etc.

Collect photographs
Give parents and teachers two weeks to turn in their photos. Create a Shutterfly Share site and ask them to upload their photos. Or leave a box/basket in the office so they can drop off a DVD or flash drive of their photos.

Create a first draft of the Yearbook
Start with the class headshots. Have a parent volunteer proofread and confirm that each student in the class is included in the book and their name is spelled correctly.

Create a second draft of the Yearbook
Put placeholder pages for class field trips and celebrations. Then different parent volunteers can complete these pages with the necessary photos.

Finalize Yearbook & place order
Proofread the Yearbook once more by using our PDF print out feature. (After you make your photo book, click "Export to pdf" under the "Book" tool.)

Distribute Yearbooks
The student reactions are well worth the work!

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