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Photo Collage Holiday Cards

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What customers have to say about our Holiday Cards

December 4, 2017

Great card

"I made this card for my mom this year for her to send out to her friends and family. We used pictures of all of her grandchildren whom she feels are her Christmas blessings. :)"

December 4, 2017

Came out great!

"Ordered our Christmas cards from Shutterfly this year and they came out great! Got to use a coupon & got them and our address labels for a great deal!"

December 4, 2017

Would buy again!


December 4, 2017

Great Christmas Cards

"I always order our Christmas Cards using Shutterfly. It's fast and easy. The finished product is always delivered timely and turns out great!"

December 4, 2017

Turned Out Great

"I loved the versatility of being able to adjust the number of pictures on the card. The cards are thick and substantial; much better than the photocards. Since I had issues with my order (mostly of my own making), I am particularly impressed with how Shutterfly stood behind their product and made sure that i was ultimately very happy with the card I sent out this year. Thanks Shutterfly!"

Photo Collage Holiday Cards

Few things catch the attention like a striking photograph, so why stick to just one? There is no need to pore over your file of pictures to pick the one single image that makes the perfect statement: Photo collage holiday cards allow you to ease up on the pressure and choose multiple images for your card this season.

Colors Galore

The photographs on your card can be featured upon a slew of different backgrounds with varying colors and designs. Both color as well as black and white photographs can be showcased with the vibrant hues found on the fold-out Handwritten Rainbow Type Holiday Card, which also offers the option of adding in captions and other messages. Or, mix up the shapes and sizes with a card like the Cheery Love New Years Card, which offers a whimsical hodge podge of spaces for your favorite photos.

A Picture Journal

Consider your card a journal of your year, using imagery to share experiences and highlight relationships. Did you get married? A wedding pic will tell that story for you. Add a new furry family member to the mix? A photo snuggling with your new addition says it all. Share your year with pictures and your loved ones will get to share in your memories in a personal way. And a bonus: That cousin who regaled you last Thanksgiving with tales of his extensive adventures and non-stop travels who did not take a breath long enough to allow you to get a word in edgewise can finally get a visual of just how wonderful your life is, too. Oh, and you might drop one in the mail addressed to your ex’s folks to ensure he or she gets a glimpse of your fabulousness now, as well -- just for fun.

Photo collage holiday cards can be a fun and creative way to keep friends and family up-to-date on what you have been up to as well as share important moments you have experienced. Share more of your memories with a personalized photo book.