Upload Photos Online With These Simple Tips

Do you need to organize and upload all the photos stored on your phone, Facebook, Instagram — and everywhere else you’ve saved pics? It should be simple, but figuring out how to get your photos off your devices can be confusing. Good news! If you’re Googling “how do I upload photos?” you’ve come to the right place. Whether your photos are on social media, in the cloud, saved on your phone, in the Shutterfly App — or all of the above — you can upload, host, and share your pictures right here on Shutterfly. Simply make a purchase every 18 months to enjoy Shutterfly’s unlimited photo storage space. Best of all, when your photos are backed up with Shutterfly, you can access them from any device anytime when you want to look back on your memories or use them to make prints or create one-of-a-kind personalized gifts.

Our image upload service safely stores your photos so they’re organized and available whenever you need them. Even better, when you’re ready to create unique gifts like wall art, photo books, and more, your photos are already uploaded and ready to go. Ready to upload your photos now? Go for it!

Remember to create a free account on Shutterfly so you can upload and access your pics. For specific instructions on how to upload images, you can read step-by-step instructions and watch the videos below. Skip to see how to save and store on a PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device, and the Shutterfly App.

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Upload Photos from a Desktop

Is your computer overflowing with photos? Whether you’re uploading pictures from a family vacation or snapshots of your little one’s dance recital, it’s easy to back up photos online with our photo storage service. To start uploading, log into the Shutterfly website and click on Photos at the top of the screen. Click “Upload” next to the little cloud icon. At this point, you can choose to browse and upload photos from your computer, Google Photos, Facebook, and Instagram. If you’re uploading images from Google Photos, Facebook, and Instagram, you’ll need to connect these services to Shutterfly by logging into them when prompted. Upload all your pictures from your computer so that they’re ready to go whenever you need them. Our photo storage service will even organize your pictures for you so that you can easily turn take your favorites into photo books and display them in your home.

Upload Photos from a Smartphone

If you’re left with no space in your camera roll on your smartphone, there’s hope! You can store all of those incredible moments from one place with a Shutterfly account. Take all that memory off your phone and let us handle it for you! Our image storage service supports almost all smartphones, including iPhone, Samsung, Pixel, and more. Download the Shutterfly app, and at the bottom center of the screen, select where it says Photos. Then, click on the orange Upload button on the top right to import photos from your device. There, you can also organize them into albums as well as select favorites.

Nothing brings a smile faster than a photo. But with the hassle of complicated printers or making a special trip to the store, too often we leave hundreds of high-quality photos saved to your smartphone. Instead, print photos from your phone to make beautiful canvas wall art, photo books, and so much more.

Upload Photos from Facebook and Instagram

Social media is the mecca of all your memories, but it’s not the best storage and organization system. Instead of scrolling through months and months of photos to find your favorite family photo, create backups that are safe, secure, and easy to access. On the Shutterfly website, select Photos from the top right of the screen. Next, after selecting the orange Upload button on the top right, select Facebook or Instagram from the drop down options. That will prompt you to login to your accounts to backup your photos. Once you have all of your photos backed up and stored with Shutterfly’s photo storage service, you’ll want to be able to find each photo quickly and easily. The photos from your wedding, the pictures you took at each of your kid’s soccer games this season or all of your favorite photos of your grandparents from when they were young — you should be able to find them without any stress or hassle.

Upload Photos from the Shutterfly App

If you’re the app-y type, using the Shutterfly App is a no-brainer. First, download the app either from the Apple App Store for iOS devices or from Google Play for Android devices. Login with your Shutterfly website credentials or create a new account. Once you’re logged in, tap the “Upload” icon at the bottom of the screen. Then, choose Manual to select photos one by one or turn on Automatic to upload all of them. You’ll see the Shutterfly “S” symbol in the bottom of your photo thumbnail when the upload is complete. After you upload your photos in the mobile app, you can start buying personalized gifts immediately.

Wrapping Up

Your photos are your memories, so it’s important to keep them safe for years to come. Our photo upload service makes that possible. When you’re done uploading, take on a new photography challenge to level up your skills or create the best photo books with your favorite photos.