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The Best Canvas Prints: 4 Styles for Any Home

Hanging canvas prints in your home can be the missing element you need to transform your space. And because there are a number of different canvas prints to choose from, we put together a guide to help inform your decision when selecting a quality print. The best canvas prints for your walls will depend on your decorating vision and the environment you want to create. Once you have an idea in mind, browse our collection of canvas prints to bring your space to life!

1. Gallery Wrapped Edges

Stack of canvas prints

Some of our most popular products are canvas prints with gallery wrapped edges. These are photos that have been printed onto canvas and professionally stretched around the sides of a wooden frame. Quality gallery wrapped canvas prints include a tight stretch to ensure your image isn’t distorted by wrinkles in the fabric and secure staples that have been expertly placed. This style allows your art to be displayed continuously, as opposed to cut off at the edges like traditional framed prints.

Decorators looking for a lightweight and versatile option will appreciate these stylish prints because they work in almost every room and can be easier to hang than framed art or photography. Gallery wrapped edges are ideal if you like contemporary displays or want to make sure your art or photos stand front and center. No matter how you choose to hang your new decor, our high-quality prints will add the flare to your home you’ve been searching for.

2. Framed

Framed canvas prints work best for decorators who prefer a traditional look, but desire the texture of a canvas print. Frames add depth to a canvas print, which is especially useful for displaying photos you really want to stand out. Choosing from options such as black, wooden or white frames also allows you to color-coordinate your displays throughout your home. If you’re looking for a way to show off multiple photos on a single canvas, frames can help pull a collage together for a cohesive feel.

3. Collage

Collage canvas prints

You can be your own interior designer with print to canvas projects! Enhance your walls using a collage gallery to show off your creative side. A collage canvas can be used to display multiple photos or break a single photo into several distinct images for a unique look with an artistic flare. Our Design-a-Wall tool can assist you in creating an eye catching wall, whether you’re displaying your own art or your favorite print.

Collage canvas prints are an excellent way to bring your gallery wall ideas to life. We offer several options to help create the gallery wall you’ve always wanted, including stacked, squared or panoramic styles. Consider the space you are working with to choose the best option for you:

  • Narrow room – Try stacked multi-prints, which can be arranged vertically.
  • Large room – Go with panoramic multi-prints that can help fill odd spaces.
  • Standard room – Create a traditional gallery wall using various-sized prints to keep the space interesting to the eye.

4. Panoramic

Choose panoramic canvas prints to display beautiful landscape scenery. Whether you want to show off a sunset over the coast or your favorite cityscape, a panoramic display makes a stunning focal point for any wall. When it comes to figuring out where to place a panoramic print, you can get creative. While they’re ideal for large empty spaces, such as behind the couch or bed, you can also consider smaller spaces by turning them vertically for the same effect.

Decorating With Canvas Prints

Hanging a canvas print

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While you know important factors to consider when choosing the best canvas print, you should also keep the space you’re decorating in mind. To protect your art in rooms that can be damp or messy, such as the bathroom or kitchen, choose framed canvas prints to keep your prints free from moisture or debris.

On the other hand, if deciding how to decorate those large walls in your master bedroom has you stumped, go with a gallery-wrapped panoramic print to give the room an interesting focal point. Or, consider using canvas print collages in the kids’ room, where you can show off your children’s artwork, sports photos or school pictures.

For the living room or hallways, allow your inner home-designer to play while you arrange a stunning gallery or art wall for your home. No matter where you choose to hang your photos or what your space or budget limitations may be, canvas prints are versatile enough to fit into any lifestyle.

How to Personalize

Canvas prints hanging

You will never have to limit your home decorating style with canvas prints. Simply mix and match different styles or personalize them to meet your decorating needs. With our variety of canvas prints, you have the flexibility to design one large photo or a collage of photos since they are printed directly on the canvas.

By customizing your canvas print with text, you can commemorate a special occasion or create a unique gift. With such a variety of personalization options, canvas prints work for any style and budget.

To get more information when selecting a print for your home, use our canvas sizing guide. Whether you’re looking for that perfect gift or simply want to fill in the blank walls in your home, there’s a canvas print that’s right for your needs.