The Ultimate Large Wall Art Guide for 2024

Transform your living space into a gallery of personal expression with Shutterfly’s stunning collection of large wall art. Imagine your favorite memories and artistic tastes magnified, capturing attention and sparking conversation. Our pieces are designed to dominate and define your decor, creating immersive focal points that breathe life into any room. Whether it’s a cherished photograph, an abstract masterpiece, or a vibrant landscape, Shutterfly’s large custom wall art allows you to curate your home’s atmosphere with bold, personalized elegance. Dive into the world of grand-scale art and let your walls tell your story.

What is Considered Large Wall Art?

Large wall art typically refers to pieces that significantly occupy wall space, often measuring at least 24 inches in height or width, with many extending beyond 40 inches. These substantial artworks make a bold statement, serving as focal points that draw attention and add a dramatic flair to any room. Perfect for living rooms, dining areas, or large hallways, large wall art prints can transform a space with its commanding presence and impactful design.

What are the Best Large Wall Art Sizes?

When you’re designing your large wall art, the first thing you’ll want to do is decide on the size of your print. When you’re determining your print’s size, be sure to consider the size of your wall and how many images you want to hang. Listed below are the wall art print sizes available to choose from.

gallery wall of large canvas prints

Large Wall Art

  • 16×16: This square-shaped print is perfect for a large portrait or a photo collage. It will look great hanging above your bed or incorporated into a gallery wall.
  • 16×20: A 16×20 large wall art print can be hung horizontally or vertically, making it good for both landscape photos and tall images. These dimensions work well hanging above a desk in an office or in the stairway.
  • 20×30: This long, thin print is also good for portraits and landscapes, and it can also be used for a collage of photos.

Extra Large Wall Art

  • 24×36: If you’re looking for a wall decor print that will work well as the focal point in a photo wall, this size is a good choice for you. Pair it with smaller art prints and pieces of home decor to bring balance into your collection of wall decor.
  • 30×40: Use this long print to display one of your favorite landscape photos. Or, hang it vertically and use it to showcase a photo of a tall building or landmark. For example, if you have a photo of a waterfall or the Eiffel Tower that you love, this would be a good print size for you.
  • 36×36: This extra large print is sure to be a showstopping piece of art in your home. Create a large collage with our unique layouts or blow up one of your all-time favorite photos you’ve taken.

Large Canvas Wall Art

three large canvas prints with family photos

If you’re searching for an eye-catching way to showcase photos in your home, canvas wall art is the perfect choice. Canvas prints come in a wide variety of sizes from 8×10 all the way to 36×36, and can be unframed or framed in a variety of different colors including black, white, gold, metallic, rustic, and a range of brown shades depending on your taste. These prints are photo printing an image onto a high-quality cotton canvas and perfect for showcasing in any bedroom, living room, or dining room. The canvas is then hand-stretched over a lightweight wooden frame, turning your photo into a piece of art. If you need inspiration for your walls, consider some of these large canvas print decorating ideas:

  • Family photos: Transform family portraits into pieces of large canvas prints perfect for the living room.
  • Wedding photos: Enlarge your favorite photos from your wedding day and hang them as large wall decor.
  • Art Library: Use Shutterfly’s Art Library to find all types of photography styles that you can turn into large artwork.
  • Travel photography: Preserve travel memories and customize your best vacation snapshots into large canvas prints that wow your guests.

Large Abstract Wall Art

large abstract wall art

Wall art doesn’t have to be designed with your own photography. Shutterfly offers a range or large wall art pieces in unique abstract designs perfect for your home or office. Whether you prefer bright colors or more neutral tones, our collection of large abstract wall art has options for every style of home decor. Select “Artist Designs” when shopping for your wall art to browse the selection of abstract paintings and graphics. With minimalist styles to show-stopping pieces, large abstract wall art is the perfect way to bring life to your room decor.

Large Living Room Wall Art

four pieces of wall art hanging

For many people, the living room is one of the most visited placed of the home. It’s where friends and family members gather together to spend quality time, or where you unwind at the end of a long day. To give this special room a refresh, you’ll want to incorporate large living room wall art with photos and artwork that you love. Use these living room wall decor ideas as inspiration to give your blank walls a personal touch:

  • Black and white wall art: A chic and minimalistic way to upgrade your walls is with black and white wall art. Keep it simple and stylish with black and white photography you took, abstract artwork from our Art Library, or our Artist Design prints.
  • Watercolor wall art: Perfect for adding color to your living room decor, watercolor wall art will add a whimsical touch to your space.
  • Quote wall art: Choose large wall art print designs with fun and inspiring quotes that put you in a good mood. Our Artist Designs offer quote wall art options like “Happiness blooms from within” and “Life is good in my kitchen.” You can also create your own wall art for the living room and customize the piece of art with our own quote.
  • Shop by style: Use our curated Shop by Style collections, like Boho Chic or Nod to Mod to find large living room wall decor that suits your unique personality and taste.
  • Your own photos: Create large wall art for the living room with your own photos. Whether it’s a picture of the family on Christmas morning or your favorite image from your engagement photoshoot, your photos will look incredible hanging on the walls of your living room.

Turn Large Wall Art into a Gallery Wall

gallery wall of family vacation photos

Take your bare walls to the next level with a photo gallery wall. A gallery wall is a collection of different styles of photos and artwork arranged close together in a group. There are no rules to creating a gallery wall in your home or office, you just need to choose what you like. Whether you want a monochromatic theme or pictures in all colors and styles — it’s up to you. Here are some helpful tips to create a gallery wall with large wall art for your space:

  1. Find inspiration: Whether you want to stick to one color palette or create an eclectic gallery wall full of quotes, artwork, and family photos — determine the vibe you want to create with your gallery wall. Consider the room it’s for, too. For example, you might hang pastels or neutral colors in a nursery, but your dining room might feature bolder colors and different styles of wall art like metal prints, canvas prints, acrylic prints, or photo tiles.
  2. Consider the design and placement: Once you have an idea of your photo and artwork collection, you can focus on designing your gallery wall. This is the part where you pair your favorite photographs with materials and textures that reflect your personal style and freshen up your space. Decide if you want your wall art pieces to be the same size or not. Keep in mind that using a variety of sizes for your frames or prints can add more interest to your wall and make your space pop.
  3. Hanging your wall art: The final step is hanging your wall art. Spacing between frames, making sure your wall art is leveled, and marking where to drill holes are all important factors. Hanging your template onto the desired gallery wall area can make this project easier than you imagined. Shutterfly offers an easy template called Design-a-Wall, which helps you visualize how your gallery wall will look. With many different templates to choose from, you can find the perfect arrangement for your wall.

Resources Related to Large Wall Art

Whether you’re designing the perfect gallery wall for your home or looking for a single canvas print for your office, Shutterfly offers a range of large wall art styles great for any space. For more wall art ideas, browse these resources: