Make Your Own Custom Puzzle From a Picture

Jigsaw puzzles are a classic activity that you can do as a family or tackle on your own. From an educational toy for kids to a challenge for adults, puzzles have numerous uses. Most importantly, they’re a great way to bring people together and capture memories. A personalized photo puzzle complete with your own photos is the perfect gift that acts as a fun activity, sweet keepsake, and gorgeous art piece.

Jigsaw puzzles come in all shapes, sizes, and piece counts, but the image you’re building is the most important part. Make it even more special and surprise your loved ones with a family photo puzzle they’ll truly love putting together. Whether they’re a toddler, teenager, or adult, anyone can enjoy this fun, collaborative indoor activity. Here’s how to create your own custom photo puzzle.

How to Make Your Personalized Puzzle

Making your own custom jigsaw puzzle from a photo or photos is easy. Take the time to figure out how you want the puzzle to look in its final form and unleash your creativity with the design and layout of your pictures. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to creating your amazing photo gift.

Person putting together a collage puzzle.

Step 1: Choose Your Puzzle

When you’re ready to make your own puzzle, first select your puzzle type. Choose among countless picture puzzle options like having a single photo, a photo collage, specific text, or other illustrations. You can use page filters to choose a specific piece count, number of photos you’d like to include, and overall design color. If you’re planning this great gift for a specific occasion such as a wedding or Christmas, you can include those details as well. Finally, consider filtering for the material you want — you can choose between a puzzle board or a wooden puzzle.

If you’re looking for a jigsaw puzzle for small children who might not be able to complete one with 1,000 pieces, select one of many personalized puzzles for kids where you can use the same filters as before, except now the puzzle piece options are 12 and 30.

Step 2: Select Size

Once you select your picture puzzle, don’t forget to choose your puzzle size. If you used a filter to find your puzzle style based on size, feel free to skip this step. Since puzzle size depends on piece count, make sure you choose the size that fits the age group and ability level of whoever is going to be completing the photo puzzle gift. Choose from multiple different sizes and piece counts ranging from 12 to over 1,000.

Family picture puzzles.

Step 3: Customize Design

Next, click “Personalize” and create your puzzle design. Depending on your puzzle size and style, select the number of photos you want to have and their layout. Choose if and where you would like the text to be, and fill in what you’d like to appear on your puzzle, whether that’s a simple monogram, a sweet quote about the importance of family, or the year the photos are from. Customize your font, colors, and format as you see fit. Lastly, pick a fun background color from a variety of solid and patterned options for the areas that don’t have photos.

Step 4: Upload Photos

Now for the most important part of your personalized picture puzzle — adding pictures! Click on each open photo slot to upload the image or images you’d like to use. If you’re creating a puzzle of one photo, consider using a beautiful landscape shot featuring the kids from a memorable family vacation. A family portrait with your pets is also a great option.

Puzzle with dog.

If you’re opting for a collage puzzle featuring multiple photos, choose a theme that unites them for a more cohesive look. For example, showcase each family member doing their favorite activity as a sweet tribute to their uniqueness and diverse interests. Or, create a collage puzzle of all your besties wearing their college gear. Put the jigsaw puzzle together and let it become a sentimental piece of wall art.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Once you’re done customizing your photo jigsaw puzzle, make sure to preview your finished product to see if all the photos work well together and the background colors look good. Finalize your puzzle and order this exciting gift. Once you receive your personalized puzzle, enjoy this fun indoor activity as a solo project or with others. Settle in with a warm mug of coffee for a cozy afternoon.

Puzzle on coffee table.

Puzzles For Adults

Completing jigsaw puzzles are a great way for adults to improve memory and reduce stress from their everyday life. It’s also a great way to get away from our technology-based world, by getting away from computer monitors and TV screens. Expand your interactive, tactile and collaborative skills by completing a custom jigsaw puzzle with your family and friends. Working on a jigsaw puzzle will not only build bonds with your family and friends but will also improve team problem-solving skills and relationships. Once you complete this personalized jigsaw puzzle, the end result will bring simple to your face as a sense of accomplishment. When finished, you can also choose to make the puzzle a wall art piece by taping the back and putting it on your walls.

Three personalized jigsaw puzzles on yellow background. One kids puzzle, one photo of grandpa and grandkid, and one photo collage puzzle

Puzzles For Kids

Create a personalized kids jigsaw puzzle for your kids to develop their motor and learning skills with easy to complete wooden kids puzzles. Thick wooden puzzle pieces are easy to arrange and allow for toddlers and kids to engage in their problem solving skills to complete the wooden puzzle. Puzzle pieces range from 12, 30, and 60 pieces, allowing kids to be completely engaged with finishing their puzzle. For more convenience, wooden jigsaw puzzle pieces that are in sets of 12 come in a wooden tray for easy storage and assembling. To make things more exciting for your kids, choose a photograph of them or a family picture; as they complete the puzzle they can see the photo come to life and they will be more intrigued to complete the whole puzzle. Let your kids learn proper problem solving skills and help them stay focused while completing their personalized kid’s jigsaw puzzle.

Wooden puzzle with 12 pieces showing monogram in the middle and images of family along with zoo animals

Closing Thoughts

Create a fun family project for people of all ages with a personalized jigsaw puzzle filled with your favorite photos and memories. Choose from dozens of styles, layouts, and puzzle sizes to make your perfect custom activity and keepsake. Whoever receives this amazing gift is sure to love the uniqueness and thoughtfulness of it — they’ll surely have fun putting together this one-of-a-kind picture puzzle.