Father’s Day Messages: What to Write in a Father’s Day Card

Father’s Day is approaching, which means it’s time to find the right words to let the World’s Best Dad know just how much he means to you. Whether you’re writing a Father’s Day card for dad, grandpa or someone whose been an influential figure in your life, you can write a loving message to show your deepest appreciation and say thanks for all he’s done for you. We’ve provided a variety of heartfelt and funny Father’s Day messages to add on your Father’s Day gifts, Father’s Day card, along with easy tips on what to write in a Father’s Day card. For an added bonus, include a Father’s Day gift from our Father’s Day gift guide to make this day even more special.

Our Father’s Day guide offers signing tips and message starting points to make writing out his card simple. Whether you read the whole guide or jump straight to the specific ideas you need, we hope you have fun thinking about what Father’s Day gifts you can give to your dad and and write the best message for your Father’s Day card. Make amazing gifts for dad that he will love to receive this Father’s Day. He will love that you took the time thinking about the best Father’s Day gifts you gave to him this year.

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  5. Messages for Your Husband or Partner
  6. Messages for Your Son
  7. Messages for Your Brother
  8. Messages for a First-Time Father
  9. Messages for a Father-Like Figure
  10. General Happy Fathers Day Messages

Why are Father’s Day Card Messages Important?

Whether you’ve found the perfect Father’s Day gifts or you’re planning on taking your Dad out for a nice dinner, it’s also important to express your gratitude for him with words that come straight from the heart. Nothing means more to Dad than hearing how much you love and appreciate him, and a nice Father’s Day card makes a forever keepsake. Even if the note is short and sweet, it’s still meaningful. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our message examples below to help you begin writing.

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What To Write In A Father’s Day Card

When it comes to writing your message, avoid generic phrasing and instead speak from the heart. Otherwise, go with a classic Father’s Day card to tap into your shared sense of humor. If you’re having trouble with finding the right words to say, follow our easy steps to write your Father’s Day message:

  1. Wish him a Happy Father’s Day! Begin your card by wishing him a Happy Father’s Day or writing “Dear Dad.”
  2. Thank him. Thank your father, grandfather, husband, or partner for their role and influence in your life. You can share specific qualities you admire most about them. You can also write what you’re grateful for and add compliments. If your relationship with your dad is complicated, speak to what is positive and true.
  3. Share a memory. Share a sentimental or funny memory that the recipient will connect with. Writing a shared memory adds personalization to your Father’s Day message.
  4. End with a warm closing. Finish off your card with a warm and heartfelt closing.

For Your Father

Father’s Day messages for your dad should let him know why he’s so special. Choose the qualities you admire about him most and write a sweet message that’s just for him. And if it’s coming from his daughter, make sure to include a special message from below as well as a personalized Father’s Day gift he will love. Consider getting your dad canvas prints with pictures of you and him together with a customized message printed for him to see every day.

  • “Dad, you are my hero and my role model. Thanks for being here for me and being a great example.”
  • “Happy Father’s Day! You’re not just my father, but one of my closest friends.”
  • “You’re my one and only dad, and I’ll always have a special place in my heart for you. Happy Father’s Day!”
  • “You will never go out of style. Happy Father’s day to the coolest dad ever.”
  • “The older I get the more I realize how important it is to have a dad like you. You have provided stability in my life and the love and acceptance I needed. Happy Father’s Day!”
  • “Thank you for being there every day with just the love and guidance I’ve needed. Everything you’ve taught me has stuck with me and I’m lucky to have a dad like you.”
  • “Dad, you have given me the best things in life: Your time, your care, and your love. I am truly grateful to have you in my life. Happy Father’s Day!”
  • “There’s no possible way I could pay you back for all that you have done for me growing up, but I greatly appreciate all your hard work raising me. I wouldn’t be who I am today without you.”
  • “It’s that time of year again when everyone tries to tell themselves that they had the best dad in the world. I really did have the best dad in the world, so they can’t be right.”

For Your Grandfather

When it comes to wishing your grandfather a Happy Father’s Day, focus on writing an endearing message. You’ll want to honor him in your message and remind him why he’s so cherished. The following messages also pair perfectly with a Father’s Day photo book full of a lifetime of memories.

  • “Happy Father’s Day to a father who is really grand.”
  • “Thanks for being in all of my favorite memories.”
  • “Grandpa, you’ll always have your own special place in my heart.”
  • “For all you’ve gone through, all you are and all the love you share, we love you, Grandfather.”
  • “Grandpa, You are the thread which holds us together. You are our strength and happiness. Warm wishes on Father’s Day to the best grandfather.”
  • “A grandfather holds a special place in our hearts… right where all the love is! Enjoy your special day, we love you Grandpa!”
  • “I’m as lucky as can be because I have you. I want you to know I appreciate everything you do! Happy Father’s Day, Grandpop!”
  • “Happy Father’s Day, Grandpa! I have been given one of God’s greatest blessings a phenomenal grandfather!”

For Your Husband or Partner

Personalized Father's Day card with photoLet your husband, partner, and the father of your children know how special he is with a sentimental message of appreciation. Another way to show your appreciation for them is to give them a personalized gift, such as fleece blankets to keep him warm while he’s watching TV on the couch or when he’s sleeping in bed. your Use these examples as inspiration:

  • “Thank you for all the ways you go above and beyond every day for our family. The kids and I are so lucky to have you.”
  • “I’m so grateful to be sharing life, love and parenthood with a wonderful man like you.”
  • “I can’t imagine anyone who’s a better father or more loving husband than you.”
  • “You give our children someone to admire, respect, and honor. You are a fantastic dad. Happy Father’s Day to my loving husband.”
  • “You are so full of compassion, love, and strength. When we need a strong hand of support in our family, you are always there. I love you for being who you are and for all that you do. Happy Father’s Day to a wonderful husband!”
  • “We are so lucky to have you in our lives. I am so proud of the father you’ve become and the wonderful husband you are. Happy Father’s Day, my love!”
  • “Thanks for being a loving father to our children and always being there for us when we need you the most. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in life. Happy Father’s Day!”
  • “One day is not enough to honor how special of a father you truly are because you are amazing every day of the year. Thank you for all that you do. I love you!”

For Your Son

When it comes to Father’s Day messages for your son, write a heartfelt message about how proud you are of the father he’s become. Collect all the memories of your son when he was young till he became a father himself and create custom photo jigsaw puzzles for him to complete when he’s not busy taking care of his kids. Here are a few examples:

  • “I am beyond proud of the father you’ve become. Happy Father’s Day, son.”
  • “Our family has a tradition of strong, devoted fathers, and son, you’re carrying it on wonderfully!”
  • “Seems like just yesterday you were a little boy yourself. Love seeing you as a big strong dad now!”
  • “I remember when you were in diapers and now you’re changing them. Wishing you a day of relaxation because you’ve been a great father all year long.”
  • “I couldn’t have asked for a better son or better grandkids! I’m so proud of the man you’ve become. Happy Father’s Day!”

For Your Brother

From childhood to parenthood, a Father’s Day message for your brother can be sentimental with a bit of humor. You can compliment him on how he’s raised his kids and let him know you’re proud. Pair any of these examples with a heartfelt message along side a Father’s Day gift he will love. Include a personalized calendar for the following year with photos of him with his family and note down important dates that you think your brother will accidentally forget.

  • “I can tell from how your kids act that they feel happy and totally loved. Of course they do. They have an awesome dad!”
  • “I always knew you’d be a great dad someday. Happy Father’s Day to my favorite brother and a father whose irreplaceable to his kids.”
  • “Not only are your kids lucky to have you for a dad. I was lucky to have you for a brother first! Happy Father’s Day, Bro!”
  • “I always knew that you’d make a fantastic dad. So glad to say I TOLD YOU SO! Happy Father’s Day!”
  • “To my dearest brother, you are such an amazing father to your wonderful kids. I hope you spend today doing something you’ve always wanted to do!”

For a First-Time Father

If he’s a first-time father, write a Father’s Day message that reiterates how it’s his very first Father’s Day. You can also pair the message with his first Father’s Day gift to make his day extra special. You can share wisdom or just congratulate him on entering fatherhood. Help him with the transition with travel mugs to enjoy while his newborn is sleeping. Here are a few examples:
  • “Happy First Father’s Day! Being a father is the most important job a man will ever have.”
  • “Wishing you all the special discoveries of fatherhood – the wonders, the joys, and the love that keeps on growing for a lifetime.”
  • “Even though this is only the beginning, it’s easy to see our baby loves you just as much as I do. Happy Father’s Day!”
  • “Wishing you a Happy First Father’s Day as you enjoy the infinite love and gifts of fatherhood.”
  • “Though Father’s Day is a special day, this year it means more because now you’re there among the best dads that Father’s Day is for.”

For a Father-Like Figure

If you’ve had an influential mentor or father-figure in your life, you can write them a message about how thankful you are for their role in your life. As an additional way to say thank you, give your father figure personalized wine glasses with a custom message so he knows you are thankful for him in your life. Use these examples to inspire your words:

  • “A father is someone who cares and helps and guides you (shared DNA not required).”
  • “I hope it doesn’t come as a surprise that I’m thinking of you today. After all, you’ve cared about me almost like a father.”
  • “Having you in my life has made all the difference in the world to me. You’ve influenced me so much throughout the years.”
  • “As time goes on, our relationship only gets stronger and stronger. Thanks for being an amazing mentor in my life.”
  • “I learn more from you each and every year. Thank you for being such a loving individual and playing an important role in my life.”

General Happy Father’s Day Messages

The following happy Father’s Day messages work for almost any relationship with a father figure. Pick your favorite from the messages below or use one to inspire a special sentiment all your own.

  • “So glad we’ve shared such fun times together, I deeply admire the good man and wonderful father you are.”
  • “Everyone needs a father figure while they are growing up and I was lucky enough to have the real thing. Thank you for always being there for me.”
  • “Dad, you have been one of my greatest influences in life. You taught me many things, but most importantly: that I should never stop learning.”
  • “Dad, you’re my hero and role model. Thanks for being there for me and being a great example.”
  • “You brought me into the world, watched out for me, taught me, laughed with me, and spent a lot of time with me. Thank you for being the best dad I could ask for.”
  • “For all the wonderful things you do that I might not always notice, thank you.”
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Father’s Day Messages For When You Cannot Be Together 

Some years, it’s just not possible to be there in person to celebrate all your favorite dads on Father’s Day. But you can use your written message to honor and appreciate them, whether they’re across the country or just across town.

  • “Sending love and thanks across the miles to the best dad ever.”
  • “Thinking of all our fun Father’s Days on the lake and wishing I could be there enjoying this one along with you…”
  • “I miss being with you on Father’s Day, but I’m thinking about you and hoping you have a great day.”
  • “Happy Father’s Day! Wish I could be there helping you man the grill.”
  • “Happy Father’s Day from afar to an amazing dad. Miss you.”
  • “Popping open a cool one in your honor on Father’s Day. Cheers!”
  • “We may not be spending Father’s Day together, but luckily, we’re connected in a way that stretches across any distance. So grateful for that closeness…and for you.”
  • “Near or far, I’m always so thankful for the great dad you are.”
  • “I wish I could be there in person to remind you in person how much I love you, Dad.”
  • “Have a great Father’s Day. Looking forward to spending some time together when we visit next month!”

Resources Related to Father’s Day Messages

Consider pairing your card this year with the perfect DIY Father’s Day gift or homemade Father’s Day gift to stand out. Whether you’re writing a message that’s short and sweet or long and detailed, you can use your Father’s Day card to show the gratitude you’ve been feeling all year long.

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