Getting engaged is more than just an exciting event. But from the moment you have a ring on you’re finger, you’ll start planning for the big day, and sometimes that can feel a little overwhelming. We’re here to help you stay organized so you can keep focused on the things that matter. From etiquette to planning an engagement party, discover everything you need to know for your engagement in our engagement ideas.

July 29, 2020

140+ Wedding Quotes For Any Speech

Looking for the right words to express your feelings on the big day? Turn to these funny, sentimental, or traditional quotes for your vows, toasts, speeches, or more. Whether you want to impart some wisdom or inject a little laughter into your… 15 min read

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engaged couple
July 22, 2020

What to Write in an Engagement Card

Trying to decide what to write in an engagement card? Share your warm wishes and congratulations to the newly engaged couple with a special message that feels unique and personal! Engagement cards are your chance to express your happiness,… 7 min read

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October 31, 2019

The Ultimate Wedding Flower Guide + Printable Checklist

Wedding flowers are just as important as the wedding cake. When it comes to choosing the right ones for your special day, you may find yourself wondering where to begin, what are the most popular wedding flowers, what types of wedding flowers… 17 min read

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couple getting engaged at a pier.
August 22, 2019

What’s The Average Engagement Length? + Planning Tips

The average engagement length is about 13 months, but how do couples choose the right amount of time to stay engaged? If you recently got engaged, you and your partner are probably deciding on a timeline for your wedding. Although 12 to 18 months… 6 min read

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engagement photo props
July 18, 2019

29 Printable Engagement Photo Prop Ideas + Photo Shoot Tips

Engagement photos are a great opportunity for you to announce your engagement and showcase your unique relationship. Engagement photo props are a fantastic way to add some fun and creativity to your photo shoot. The options are endless and… 6 min read

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June 18, 2019

DIY Wedding Binder In 6 Easy Steps + 3 Printable Designs

It’s official — you’re engaged to be married and it’s time to start planning the wedding. You probably have many ideas, from save the dates and wedding invites to bridal attire and reception décor. One thing is for sure, there is a lot of planning… 3 min read

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couple getting engaged.
June 10, 2019

How To Plan A Wedding For A Short Engagement

As working, busy adults, we don’t always have the 12-month timeline that’s typically recommended for planning a wedding. With so many details and moving parts involved in the planning process, a short engagement can quickly become overwhelming… 10 min read

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Cheerful bachelorette party background with confetti and props around she said yes text.
June 4, 2019

18 Fun Bachelorette Party Decoration Ideas

It’s time to celebrate with your closest friends before you exchange your forever vows. But in order to make sure your bachelorette party goes perfectly, you’ll need to do some careful planning. And between invitations, guest lists, travel… 6 min read

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wedding stationary and wedding album
May 20, 2019

How To Change Your Last Name + Tips

As you get closer to the big day, you’ll probably start thinking more about all the legal processes that a wedding and marriage entail. Although sending out invitations, discussing details with your wedding planner and designing menu cards… 6 min read

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last name generator hero
April 30, 2019

Unique Last Name Generator + Name-Changing Tips

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! Brainstorming ideas to personalize your wedding, sending out save the dates, or coming up with a fun wedding hashtag are all exciting aspects of the wedding planning process. Other things, like… 4 min read

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February 8, 2019

80 Easy Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

If you’ve ever attended a wedding, you may have noticed all those sweet personal details the bride and groom incorporated into their special event. These may include their furry best friends, cocktail stirrers, or a really unique backdrop.… 6 min read

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girl using a digital generated phone with wedding invitation online on the screen as one of many wedding websites.
December 20, 2018

19 Best Wedding Websites Builders of 2020

If you’re recently engaged, you’re probably already feeling the excitement of the preparations and celebration. From creating mood boards of your favorite floral arrangements, to venue shopping, to crafting engagement announcements… 11 min read

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