12+ Month Wedding Planning Checklist & Timeline

You’re engaged to the love of your life and ready to start planning for the wedding of your dreams.

From picking your venue and managing a budget and guest list to nailing down your wedding planning timeline, you’ll want to have every detail accounted for to make your big day perfect.

To avoid getting overwhelmed with the process, it’s important to understand how long it takes to plan a wedding and manage your to-do list from the very beginning. That’s why we’ve pulled together this wedding planning checklist—not only will it keep you organized from day one, but it will help you enjoy the process with your fiancé.

Wedding Planning Checklist & Timeline

12+ months out

8 – 12 months out

6 – 8 months out

4 – 6 months out

3 months out

2 months out

1 month out

2 weeks out

1 week out

2 – 3 days out

Day before

The big day